All She Really Wanted: Flash Fiction #Blogbattle Week 44

Tis Tuesday, Blogbattle Tuesday, Week 44. The Keyword: WORM. My Genre: DRAMA. I hope you enjoy my flash fiction attempts and change of pace this week. New year, new things! To read more stories using this week's word click HERE, and be carried away to the blog of Rachael Ritchey! Enjoy.


All She Really Wanted

“Don’t you want this anymore?” What she could only describe as confusion laced his voice as he questioned her.

She stood still as stone, her lips pressing closed in tandem with her eyelids. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him. She’d hoped that her sealed silence would be all that it took to make him believe that she didn’t want what he offered her.

Regardless of what she had said before, she needed to take back her ground-regain control. She needed him to believe the ‘no’ in her silence even though she felt the clawing burn of her visual lie searing up her throat, threatening to expose her with a shout.

It would not be in acquiescence. Dry earth did not acquiesce to water. It drank it up because it craved it, needed it. She craved everything he offered her with open hands.

The touch of his fingertips against her arm wormed its warmth clear to her desperate belly.

She stammered to breath but she couldn’t undo her mistake. The inhale of the atmosphere was enough to cause her to cave.

Growling, she snatched the greasy wrapper from his hands and attacked the steaming loaded cheeseburger with a ferocious vengeance! Ignoring the oozing of the secret sauce that dripped recklessly down her chin and onto the cashmere sweater-he’d bought her for their 11th wedding anniversary-with splats of pickle and onion, she all but swooned in surrender.

New years resolutions be dashed! The double-decker loaded cheeseburger with the secret sauce was all she really wanted.



29 thoughts on “All She Really Wanted: Flash Fiction #Blogbattle Week 44

  1. O.M.Gosh. I’m so-o-o salivating. I can taste that cheeseburger. Yum. Superb take on the prompt. 😀 😀 For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what she tried being silent about and then, wham-o. 😀 Fabulous.

    1. 😀 I’m glad you liked it. I surprised me at the end too as I was writing it. At first I thought it was going to be about their relationship and her standing her ground on not repairing their love but then I kept typing and cheeseburger just came at me! One MUST follow their muse, right lol. I’ve been wanting a burger since I wrote it last night sigh…

      1. Me too. Haven’t had one in a couple months. Thank’s for the ‘suggestion’ 😀 😀 😀
        Rarely do I know the ending. Heck, I don’t even know the middle. I just knit, drop stitches and add new one. Ha ha ha.

      2. LOL you and me both for BOTH the burger and the writing process. Come June it will be 2 years since I started writing Ascension Graveyard and because I ‘strayed’ from my natural path of writing the story I am still writing it since soooo much has be fixed. Lesson learned!

    1. 😀 As I told Tess, I didn’t see that coming either lol! I’m glad you liked it. And yes, trying new things keeps us sharp doesnt it. This year has already begun to teach me knew things!

  2. Love the twist. Made me smile.. 🙂 I too thought it was going to be about their relationship and then in came the cheeseburger. 😀

    1. Lol I ended up having a mad craving for a cheeseburger after writing this and finally made myself one of which I was not disappointed. I’m glad it made you smile 😀

      1. AHAHAHA! If you read the feed, you’ll notice that I too needed a burger after writing it and DID fix me one. AND I was very much satisfied. 😉

      1. I recommend everyone do so! That’s one of the reasons I create Monday’s Muse. You have 20min tops to create a story from start to finish which promotes the usage of writing without restraint. 😀

      1. Well I’m sure glad you are well since the GB is removed since those don’t get removed for vanity. BUT I wish you the best in your weight loss endeavor! If you enjoy a burger every now and again I’m sure your waistline won’t complain. I actually think it will thank you 😉

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