Of Little Consequence: Results for Monday’s Muse January 4th 2016

Happy 2016! Today is Thursday and with it comes my first results of the year for Monday's Muse! I hope you enjoy what I have created!


Of Little Consequence


The whip cracked hard against the cold of winter’s night, the carriage jostling forward on the cobblestone road. Inside, she pressed a leather gloved hand against the carriage wall in an attempt to keep her balance.

What was the use in doing so, really? Her life was already completely off balance and heading in a direction she’d not anticipated. Righting herself, she regained the better portion of her seat and most of her composure. She’d promised herself that she would not cry. After all she had made her choices, but as her grandmother had warned, choosing one’s choices does not mean they get to choose their own consequences.

Marilyn Jennings would certainly not have chosen these consequences. Grandpapa had tried his best to encourage her and even make her laugh before she was sent off for the last time from their home. “Don’t cry, my dear, unless you intend to present yourself as an ice-princess. Tis so cold, your tears are bound to freeze.” His words had won him a smile and even a giggle.

Marilyn sighed inside the carriage, pulling her hooded cap tighter around her. Even inside she could see her breath against the air. She ran her hands across the fur-trimmed lining of the hood and snuggled deeper into her spot, her fingers doing the tiniest dip as the smoothed across a patch where the fur had fallen out.

The cape was hardly threadbare but it did have its slight imperfections, being that Marilyn hadn’t had the chance to have a new one made in quite sometime. Finances were just not what they had been when she was a girl. They’d barely gotten her through the last five seasons.

None of that mattered now. There was no longer a need for any of the Jennings to hold their breath and pray for a lovely young man of excellent breeding and well lined pockets to come and save the day. The Jennings were unfortunately land rich but purse poor. Had another year gone by without Marilyn marrying, the whole of society would have known and the Jennings clan would have been shunned.

Unfortunately for Marilyn, although the Jennings purses were now lined again and fat with monetary wealth, due to her recent consequence, Marilyn was still likely to be shunned by her own peers because of whom she’d been made to wed.

As wealthy of a man he was, and decidedly fit, if Marilyn was to be honest with herself…his current circumstances aside, Aero Newauthor, was not the most celebrated man amongst her circle. It wasn’t at all that he wasn’t welcome, but rather he had shunned the world.

The carriage lurched to a stop in front of a large estate, causing Marilyn’s stomach to act in turn. Golden light shown from the crack of the open front door, the silhouette of a man bound in a wheeled chair sat as a beacon of what was to come.


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