Midnight: A Poem #Blogbattle Week 43


Midnight: A Poem

Starry light past dusk does fall

Beyond the moon’s pure light

To gaze upon the sackcloth sky

We call its name, Midnight

With inky swells of deepest dark

No fear is found in sight

To cast ones dreams of imaginings seen

We sleep upon Midnight

And as the light ebbs through this phase

And warms this hour’s chilled bite

We bid farewell till we meet again

And dance with beloved Midnight

Said in my whisper voice: Happy 2016! (shhhh) This is our first Blogbattle entry of the new year. Word of the Week: MIDNIGHT. Genre:Not Quit Sure. BUT if you'd like to read other entries for this week or even participate (You have until Midnight tonight to do so) follow this LINK to RACHAEL RITCHEY'S BLOG and enjoy!.



23 thoughts on “Midnight: A Poem #Blogbattle Week 43

      1. Its the best because I’ve had a paradigm shift in my thinking which enables me to achieve so much more. Sometimes in the midst of life’s struggles our minds will translate the happenings into bitterness without realizing that the fires of life refine us to pure gold in our faith to make us better. My mind has agreed to be better, to see the success in the struggle and to use them all as stepping stones. New attitude means new responses to the trials that may be ahead. 😀

      2. In general. I think we all have knee-jerk reactions to things. But those reactions generally don’t bare good fruit or help us to move forward in life. But once we change our minds and hearts we are able to change what manifests around us…I know I’m sounding all philosophical and what not but its the truth. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The book of Proverbs 😉

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