Just Think Coffee: Flash Fiction Results for Monday’s Muse December 14th 2015

Greetings loves! Tis Thursday and here are my results for Monday's Muse December 14th 2015. To read the original prompt and even give it a try yourself, you can do so by clicking HERE.


Just THink Coffee

He could see her through the cafe window even from across the street. He took a quick glance at his watch and realized he was just barely on time, but he was going to be late if he stood there any longer. The only problem was he  just couldn’t seem to move his legs.

He swallowed the dryness that assaulted his throat with the fierceness of sand in the dessert; grating and scratching. Just breathe, he told himself. Glancing up at the fiery lights of the little coffee shop, he decided to do as the sign instructed him, think coffee. That was probably what she was thinking, coffee, not the two years they’d spent together in a downward drift of love falling.

His heart was hers, but he wanted to make it official, give her his soul until death they would part.

The ring box pressed into his thigh, crammed into his pant pocket as he stepped into the street and sprinted to the door of the coffee shop.

Her smile greeted him and her coffee brown eyes smoldered and sparkled once she caught sight of him as soon as he entered the cafe.

Yeah, he was just going to think coffee.



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