For A Penny And A Pear: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Dec 7th 2015

Hello my friends! Thursday has come upon us and with it my results for Monday's Muse! To check out the original Writing Prompt and Rules, please click HERE.


For A Penny And A Pear


She applied a bit less pressure with her arm, quickened her pace, and thus the constant ‘clickity-clack’ ‘clickity-clack’ of her stick against the wood fence. But no matter how much she focused on the sound, no matter how loud she managed to make it, she could not seem to drown out the echoing of what she had just heard playing in her mind. 

Mother was getting married again.

Tears stung Denny’s eyes. Mother had promised it was just going to be the two of them from now on. She made that promise when Denny was five, standing out in the rain clad in black cloth as stark as a starless night. Daddy had died from an accident at work. Now that he was gone there were no stars to be seen for he alone had hung them.

Mother never gave Denny the details, but she had given her the promise that she would never replace her Daddy.

And now she was going back on that promise thinking that a little sit down conversation with Mr. Paul and her would make it alright.

It wouldn’t. Not at all, especially since it was Denny’s fault that Mr. Paul had even made Mother’s acquaintance. Denny wasn’t ever much on thieving or misbehaving but freckled-face Crawford from her fifth grade class had dared her, no double dog dared her that she wasn’t fast enough to run into Mill House Mercantile, snatch an item from the shelf without being seen and run back out in less than 30 seconds.

Well Denny had proven him wrong, mostly wrong about her swiftness and time. It was the not being seen part that did her in. Even Crawford done for when Mr. Paul showed up and Denny barreled right into his chest in the midst of her escape.

Denny just knew Crawford was going to leave her high and dry when Mr. Hartcress came out, belly jiggling like an old St. Nick’s as he scolded her and threatened to tan her hide for stealing. Mr. Paul quickly diffused the situation, giving Mr. Hartcress a penny for the pear Denny had stolen right after he managed to squeeze an apology out of her…and a confession about her ‘friend’ called Crawford who had bet her that she couldn’t out run him.

Well, Denny was no tattler so under normal circumstances she would not have told Mr. Paul, Crawford’s widowed father, that his son had dared her. She hadn’t even known that Crawford was Crawford Paul.

Mr. Paul insisted upon taking Denny home to apologize to her mother about the actions of his son and thus was the end of Denny’s world; a new promise made for an old promise ripe to be broken.

Now a half a year later, Denny Littlefoot was about to become Denny Paul. She was going to have herself another Daddy, whether she liked it or not. Mother was not getting a man who’d hung the stars, but he had saved Denny’s hide for a penny and a pear.



10 thoughts on “For A Penny And A Pear: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Dec 7th 2015

      1. Lol I don’t know. This story is a timed writing prompt so I had only 20 minutes to write it or less. In my imagination Mr. Paul is a wonderful father and Crawford and Denny just get into more trouble as siblings before rounding out into good adults. 🙂

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