The Right Time: Writing Prompt 1 Results

Monday’s here! And as I reintroduced Writing Prompts (not Monday’s Muse) by reblogging my FIRST writing Prompt in Thursday, I am also sharing my original results! I hope you enjoy the story and even give the prompt a try. Its good fun and a great way to get over dull areas in your own work. Cheers! And remember, Dream. Imagine. Believe. Do. CONQUER!

I came for the soup...

Writing Prompt 1: "3rds"Song:The Right Time, by Warren Barfield (Click song title to read lyrics and hear the song.) Album:"Red Bird" 3rd line in 3rd verse of 3rd song: "We were barely getting by" Note: From my view, I have chosen to count the chorus as a verse. To view the original Prompt & Rules, click HERE.

The Right Time

“We were barley getting by. Carlos liked to believe that everything was just fine, but me, I knew better. Seven days straight drinking could water and wearing underclothes that were so filthy they could stand up straight on their own was not fine.

“Life’s too short to be gripping all the time.” Carlos managed to throw that line at me every time I looked like I was going to wage a complaint. In all honesty, there wasn’t anything that Carlos could do that he wasn’t already doing…

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