Writing Prompt 1 “3rds”

As promised, we begin again with some fun writing prompts! Here is the very first prompt ever featured on this blog, called 3rds! You will understand once you take a look at the rules. I hope you participate and I hope you enjoy! My Results will be Posted MONDAY NOVEMBER 23rd!

I came for the soup...

Original Graphic by Candice Coates Original Graphic by Candice Coates

TIME LIMIT: 20min (This is from the moment you put your pen to the pad or start typing…and yes, we are under an honor system here.)

DESCRIPTION: Music is a big part of our inspiration. We all listen to music. But how much does music shape the art that we go forth to create? Are we conscious of its affects on us, and if so (if you weren’t before) how can we take this knowledge and harness this inspiration to create something fresh and authentic and on purpose?


  1. Choose the cd that you are currently listening to/find yourself listening to the most, select the 3rd track on that cd.
  2. Play the track over 3 times
  3. Get hold of the lyrics, go to the 3rd stanza/verse and then select the 3rd line. (If your song does not have such stanza’s then just grab the 3rd…

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