I’ll Drink To That: Part 2 of A Horse Called Shenanigans, #BlogBattle

Hello again Blog Battle Tuesday! This week's Word is: BOTTLE and my GENRE: WESTERN. I am going forward with a continuation of "A Horse Called Shenanigans." Click HERE for PART 1. To read other stories by fellow blog battlers or even to join in the fun yourself, click HERE.


I’ll Drink To That: Part 2 of A Horse Called Shenanigans

Cleophas sputtered and spit out most of his sun warmed beer. He was already well beyond half passed buzzed but he wasn’t so in his cups that he couldn’t read good. More than anything he could see just fine, and that picture sketch of the raggedy mare running off from a bank with a bandit flapping in the wind could be none other than Shenanigans! And by default, his idiot nephew, Dalton.

Heck! He knew that she-devil, moody old horse anywhere, and the story to go along with it was definitely in line with her lack luster character. Dalton, well, he like always was just a prop in her plays.

Chewing down curses that would have earned him a good slap to the back of his head if his mother was still alive, he read the big bold letters of the paper again, “New Bandit Shoves Side Nose Will Aside and Flies off in Smoke and Thunder.” Cleophas let out a riotous laugh after scrutinizing the name they had given his thieving nephew, especially in the strong name of “Thunder” they had dubbed Shenanigans; “Smokey Patches,” They had called him Smokey Patches. They said it was for the patched up job he’d done in robbing Side Nose Willy and the smoke he’d kicked up in his riding off.

It was the worse name a man could earn for a pitiful crime as robbery!

If a man was going to have his neck stretched for a crime he could at least die with a decent enough name. “Your Pa would die right this minute if he knew about your life of crime, Dalton. That he prolly would tolerate but Smokey Patches, well that just can’t be forgiven.”

He leaned back in his chair and picked up the other bottle of warm beer. The day’s chores had ended an hour early and as to tradition, Cleophas shared a beer with his best friend…He just did all the talking an drinking alone since Rutger, Dalton’s Pa, had decided pushing up daisies was a less tasking chore than mucking out stalls.

To each his own, Cleophas thought swallowing down the malty brew. Staring into the sunset, crossing his booted feet at the ankles he said, “You know Rutty, we done our best with that boy of yer’s. Ain’t much in his head to begin with so we ain’t have much to sculpt if you catch my reckoning. But one things for sure, he ain’t never been a bad kid, now that mare of his,” He spit. “Best we can do is leave ’em in the hands of the good Lord, let Him sort out this stink for the boy.”

He took another swig, this time from his own bottle. A smile folding the silver whiskers of his swarthy face. “Mayhaps we can come into some better fortune ourselves. People like to know about new bandits and what not.” He sat in a few moments of silence, the caterpillar brows of his face doing a dance as if he could hear his brother talking.

He slapped his thigh with his calloused hand. “Now if that ain’t a good idea, Rutty my boy, I don’t know what is! Sell the boys tale to the papers, make it sound all sad and sob. Well, having you for a Pa is sad and sob, no offense. Truth be told you and that boy cost me a fair share of coin over the years, especially that dang mare. Me getting to make a few good bucks letting the world know how, well I’ll drink to that!”

~ Β ~ Β ~

Side Nose Willy felt like their head had been split like a Sunday dinner pie! Sweet Lord the pain radiated down into the very tip of their nose. Letting out a groan, Willy managed to sit upright and with that single action came the events that landed him right behind bars. If that wasn’t bad enough, the smug look on the inept deputies face really chaffed Willy’s pride.

“Well look whoΒ done decided to grace us with their consciousness. Its been almost three days you been out cold, taking up bed space.” A nasty smile spread across the man’s face. Willy hated smug men. “Now don’t you go worrying yourself about the bill for your stay, seeing as how you was robbed in all. We have a fine payment plan laid out for folks of your ilk. Its a stretched out payment plan if you catch my meaning.”

Willy’s eyes narrowed. The deputy continued. “In the meantime one of them gal’s from the Milk House will bring you over a plate to eat. We are civilized Christian folks here. Man deserves a good meal before he meets his Maker.” With that he tipped his hat and walked off whistling a familiar tune about hanging folks.

Willy leaned back against the cool of the cell walls. It had been a while since they’d had a good meal, the least he would do was enjoy it. Then, then he would make his escape and find that dusty mare that cost him his winnings and that idiot rider who’d landed him behind bars.



24 thoughts on “I’ll Drink To That: Part 2 of A Horse Called Shenanigans, #BlogBattle

      1. Yes it does! Part of it I think comes from the fact I am not stressing over the story and thus stifling my own creativity. I have stressed over Ascension Graveyard since its very beginning and that explains why I am still not finished. BUT I had some great creative works take place today with that story, so I am very hopeful for the future. πŸ™‚

  1. I enjoyed reading this whole story, and I am not by any means a western fan. πŸ™‚ Your phrasing and descriptions never cease to amaze me. I find when reading your stories, I will read and re-read lines just to absorb them, they are filled with so much artistry. Cleophas was such a vivid character, I liked him a lot. Looking forward to the continuation. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sitting in a coffee shop enjoying some wifi this morning. πŸ™‚ Power is coming…eventually. We think. A storm is definitely coming, so keep the NW in your prayers, Candice! There are already some very cold people here. I love your dialog. πŸ™‚ It’s good that your words are flowing this story because I know how encouraging that can be for other things we write. ❀ You're talented and artistic with your words!

    1. Prayers going up! πŸ˜€ Yes it is very encouraging. It amazes me how some stories just move with ease and others are knotted up and take a lot of ironing out in order to get out a few thousand words. Nevertheless I am grateful!

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