So I Had These Ideas, Right?: Progress Report On My Progress

Hello my friends! Let me start by telling you this random tidbit, I just LOVE Thursdays! They are like my favorite day of the week!

Okay, enough of that. On to business. And what business you might be wondering. Well the business of IDEAS, and progressive movement.


I have been blessedly overtaken by a slew of creative ideas and organization which gives me a better view and grasp for the future I aim to take hold of.

For a while I felt as if I was trudging through muddy thoughts and false starts but now the light of creative direction is shining brightly, praise Yeshua Jesus!

The ideas are in 4 areas: Blog, Books, Blog Novel, Business

First item of said business: the BLOG.

Blog: Since I changed my blog theme a few months back to Libretto, I feel as if my blog thoughts have become more cohesive. Its like this theme has somehow taken my jumbled ideas and put them into a type of order.

I am grateful for that.

Before, I felt as if (with the blog, Blog novel and other things) I was just throwing thoughts out randomly and hoping that something would stick.

But Libretto has this snazzy way of gently separating things, and with that comes this feeling of separate and orderly thoughts. That, and the fact that since this past July I have shed a TON of distraction and excess baggage from my life that has freed up a whole lot of clear thinking space. Things are beginning to make sense…again.


So what are my ideas for the Blog:

  • Regular Blogging Schedule & Topics: Truth be told, I have already begun to blog on a regular schedule but I plan to add a few more topics to my sharing world: Music Interludes, Words of Faith, and WRITING CHALLENGES & PROMPTS!!!!

I am REALLY excited about the writing challenges and prompts! Yes, we have Musing Monday’s, but before Monday was Tuesday and on Tuesday was some really fun and wacky writing prompts that yielded some delightful fruits.

I will begin by REPOSTING some of my older Writing Prompts starting NEXT THURSDAY. But if you’d like to take a sneak peek, you can do so by clicking the link under the FICTION TAB called WRITING PROMPTS.

  • Add more titles to My Favorite WritesDon’t get me wrong. I would like for all of my stories to be read, BUT in light of the reality that this is not the case, I am going to continue to highlight those stories I am most in love with. You can find those by clicking HERE.
  • Creating an Author Page for Published Works (COMING SOON) My goal has always been to publish my works, and I aim to do so no later than Fall of 2016. The self-titled Author Page will be up February 2016. That blog will be more geared around published works soon to hit the market, future projects and who I am as an author. (I will share more on that in the new year.)

Books: What’s on the Menu

I know that ASCENSION GRAVEYARD has been the only novel of mine (Though still unfinished…we will get to that) that the blog universe has seen, however I have over 125 titles, several have already been started and many have been completed including several rounds of revisions and editing.

With that being the case, its time to allow those stories to shine, even while AG works out its issues.

  • Revise WARDEN, and NEXUS GATE 4037: THE ANIMAL, for Self-Publication in 2016: I am super excited about these two titles as both were written during my June version of NaNoWriMo. Unlike AG, both were completed in less than 90 days, and both are part of separate series! I will share a few chapters of WARDEN (as that will be the first to be published) here on I Came For The Soup on the debut day of my Author Page! I will be expecting some feedback too folks.
  • Continue to write other novels that are whispering: I have mentioned that I wanted to challenge myself with writing straight up romance. Well, I have been doing that. Saturday nights are dedicated to my work on an Clean Read Inspirational Romance, titled “Where She Lands.” This story whispers on the weekend and I take the time to listen while I rest from AG, Warden and Nexus Gate.

What’s happening with Ascension Graveyard, your Blog Novel? 

I am fiddling with cover ideas...this is my recent attempt.
I am fiddling with cover ideas…this is my recent attempt.

Don’t think AG has been neglected even though no new chapters have been shared in a loooonnnggg while. I am still ripping it apart in order to piece it back together.

One of the biggest revelations I had to come to was accepting that although I will digitally self-publish this book in the future, I have no idea how near that future is. AG, like every story, has its own character and flow, length and detail. This story is more “involved” than I had been allowing it to be. It may end up being long, or far shorter than I imagine. But in order for it to be either I must weed out the noise that is holding it back. Which is what I am currently doing.

What I can guarantee is that the finished product, plot and all, will be completely different even from what is currently posted. Such is the world of revisions and rewrites.

Shizen Brook Etsy With Wood and white

What’s the Business:

I have already given you a dim look into the world of Shizen Brook: Art Prints and Fashion Accessories, but much more is on the horizon. Learning to take my time is key. The itch to rush ahead and try to produce certain products NOW can be tough, but in order for anything to stand and stand long, it must have deep roots.

I intend to make Shizen Brook grow and grow deep. My vision grows clearer day by day. Products are being designed and my Advertising Degree is being but to good use.

I know that I am holding gold I just need to purify it, if you will.

  • Keep to production schedule: After the Holidays have gone, I introduce my late Winter and Early Spring line of jewelry
  • Create a blog to share my progress:  Although I don’t mind it at all sharing what I am doing here, I think with the direction I am headed with this company, it is best to give it its own platform. 

So those are my ideas in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by!



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