Life For The First Time: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Nov. 9th 2015

Hello Thursday! And Hello fellow readers and writers! Today is results day for Monday's Muse. To read the original posting and challenge, and to even take try at the challenge yourself, click HERE.


Life For The First Time


He had depleted just about all his resources just to get here. His saving was now as dry as a dog dish left out in the sun, but standing there, in the darkness alone with just the pin-pricks of starlight shining against the night’s black sky, it was as if he was seeing clearly for the very first time. 

Life, should he be so bold as to call it that, had thrown him more then his fair share of curve balls. He’d been hit with one massive blow after another and yet he was still standing. Often through the drudgery of struggle did he wonder about his existence before, when his priorities were limited to the usual cliche of college “musts;” fraternity, ladies, parties, ladies, man-scaping for the ladies and eventually class.

Since he was paying out of his step-father’s deep pockets he’d never quite considered an ivy league education the true luxury that it was. Hell, it wasn’t until he’d lost his job, one he had only acquired because of that ivy league stamp of approval, did he realize what he’d truly had, what he had squandered.

But it was more than that, it was more than loses. Truth be told, it was the loses that made him wake up, made him live for the first time. Something as simple and easy as breathing had transformed into a daily grace for him, one he looked up to heaven with absolute gratitude for.

The smiles earned by the everyday passerby had become treasured beyond measure. Just the simple eye contact, the drawing back of the curtains for a brief exposure of one’s soul had become far more coveted for him than sunlight. It meant someone was watching, someone cared enough to see him.

It didn’t matter about his loses or the hatefully naked skin of his left ring finger.

He wasn’t divorced. He hadn’t even been married, yet the absence of the hoped-for band was another reminder of what he could of had…with her. But now he realized he could have that with anyone.

The sky full of stars twinkled at him like winks and smiles from faces of strangers and his heart swelled. Life was about those moments, those faces, those souls, all of which he had the opportunity to touch should he only reach outward and cease to focus on his dwindling inward.

He had spent the first fifteen years of his adult life, in mundane death, taking and ever taking, whilst giving nothing in return.

Now in the dark, penniless by means of circumstance and a decided choice, with the sky of bright strangers smiling down on him, he realized he was seeing life for the first time.



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