A Horse Called Shenanigans: Short Story #BlogBattle Week 35


Happy Tuesday! It is the time of the blog battle and this week's KEYWORD: Shenanigans. In light of the new week, I am trying on a new them. GENRE: Western. We shall see what happens. To read more stories written by other battlers, click HERE.

A Horse Called Shenanigans


Lightening sliced against the sackcloth sky, causing misty bright light to flash and the mouth of the cave he hid in to fill up with accusing shadows. Dalton’s shoulders had kissed his ears, startled by they sudden whip-crack of the electric display and nearly knocked his Stetson from his head.

The agitated bray of the horse that pressed along the side wall of the cave made Dalton roll his eyes. “Hey now, you ain’t got one ounce of right to be agitated, not with this cave or with the mess we’re in, Shenanigans. Tell yourself the truth and make that sloop-footed devil out to be the liar he is. This is all your fault!”

Shenanigans snorted in and huffed, a clear sign of her disapproval of his accusation. Dalton folded his arms across his chest to drive home his point. He realized that his old mare wasn’t nocturnal and probably saw as well in the dark as he did. All she was probably seeing was the same arc of lightening branded upon her eyes same as it had his.

He pointed out towards the darkness, a few more streaks of lightening flashed in the distance. “Welp, don’t go beaten yourself up,” as if she would. “I’ve been praying since you got us in this mess. And I’d like to take that first light as a positive sign of the Lord’s good grace towards us.” He grinned and rubbed his hand through her mane. “That light flash looked like a horse shoe, and best I can tell horse shoes are good look, ain’t they, Shenanigans?”

Dalton kept rubbing her mane as he chewed upon his own words, chewed them like his uncle Cleophas used to chew his tobacco, and now, just like uncle Cleophas, Dalton wanted to spit out his words like the black tar that dripped from Cleophas’ lips once his chewing was done.

Shenanigans had four horse shoes, being a horse and all, and she hadn’t earned him any kind of luck. If nothing else she had lived up to her name with her shenanigans and had run him right into the heart of trouble, time and time again. Accept for this time she had run him into a mess so deep the only way out of it was by his neck, hooked by a noose and swinging from a sheriff’s tree.

His neck suddenly began to feel chaffed. He rubbed it with his hand and tried to swallow down the big knot that had all but latched his throat shut.

“Dang nabbit!” He hollered over the roar of wind and rain. “All you had to do was on thing, and that was stay put!” The whole mess began to play out through the window of his mind same as it had through the dusty window of Lakeshaw’s Mercantile. The bank was just across the street…exactly where he had not tied Shenanigans, but she’d unknotted her rope and took her nosy hips to where the action was playing out.

She’d earned her name for her ability to undo fences and knots with her teeth and with very little time, that, and find herself in the midst of crazy trouble. She did not disappoint this day either.

In fairness, she had no way of knowing that a bank robbery was at hand nor that the black stallion she’d sidled up against belonged to the notorious crook, Side Nose Willy. He was named that because his beak-like nose looked to have been folded clear to the side of his face. And how was ShenanigansΒ to know that the stallion was territorial and would pick a fight, one Shenanigans ended by clipping him in his hind parts with her sharp teeth sending him running off in a trail of dust. And how was she to know that Side Nose Willy was going to attempt to commander her services for the loss of his stallion?

Shenanigans couldn’t have known any of it. What she did know was that she didn’t allow anyone on her back besides Dalton, so Side Nose Willy didn’t have a chance. Shenanigans was even testy about what kind of saddle blanket was thrown atop her. But what a fine day for her to be accommodating to bags filled with all of the bank notes from Lakeshaw.

She didn’t even buck an inch to get them off her. But she did take off running, right when the sheriff came out from the jail house, guns a blazing. Dalton had just taken hold of her reigns Β when the first shot whizzed by him.

Shenanigans dragged him to safety, or into the heart of danger with a most wanted poster with his name on it. “Least now Pa can’t say I will die a nameless hack like he did.” Dalton’s shoulder’s sagged.

He’d planned on making a name for himself and a mark on the world. He would have probably done much better if he hadn’t have told it all to Shenanigans in the first place. She always had to be the center of attention. Only thing was, lawmen didn’t hang horses.

Taking another look outside, realizing the rain was not going to end anytime soon, Dalton made a pallet on the ground and propped himself up against the stolen money.

He had no idea how he was going to get himself out of this knotted mess Shenanigans had thrown him into. The best he could do was sleep on it.


My attempt at a Western. You’ve got all the cliche pieces; bank robber with a silly name, horses, trigger happy sheriff, and a cowboy. Oh and lets not forget, the horse called Shenanigans. I hope you liked it thus far πŸ˜€Β 



55 thoughts on “A Horse Called Shenanigans: Short Story #BlogBattle Week 35

    1. πŸ˜€ Great word for the week. It allowed me not only to take on a lighter story direction but try out a new genre without taking myself too seriously. Shenanigans just might be a diva AND a trouble maker πŸ˜‰

  1. Aghhhhhhh! You have got to the Western genre before me and you have done it so well! I have had a ‘Western’ itch for some time but have not scratched it. I love your writing Candice, your descriptions in this are just amazing! I think you are ace!

    1. Oh you make a girl blush!Your encouragement means so very much BFFSWF! I hope you dive into this genre too and soon. It could use a bit of love from others πŸ˜‰

      1. Just about anything and everything. I’ve gotten most of my writing ideas from dreaming at night. Lately, with Blog Battles and Monday’s Muse, I have gained new ideas that way.

      2. I find music is good, the blog battles are great, but they’ve kicked off some big stories which I now have to finish…. you’ve hear of too much of a good thing? lol

      3. I agree, music helps me muse about as I am writing. I create soundtracks for most of my stories and when I feel like I have little to nothing to say, I will turn on the playlist and meditate on it until something comes forth. Too much of a good thing, well think of it as hope for your literary future You will never be able to say you had nothing to write about. You are planning ahead. πŸ™‚

      4. LOL You just have to determine to do so my friend. There was a time when I worked from 6:50 am until 10pm and came how and wrote for at least an hour before going to bed and doing it all over again. The “how” is up to you. πŸ™‚

      5. For someone like you who has a career, if you have a business plan, the best thing to do is slowly transition from one world to another. Don’t quit your day job but build your dream on the side.

  2. Just now getting around to reading this. Congrats on the win, I knew you could handle the Western Genre!! πŸ™‚ I just love Shenanigans, it’s fun to make an animal the main character of the story, horses are beautiful creatures…and earn every right to exercise their diva-ness, LOL.

    1. LOL thanks and yes they do! I apologize for not showing your blog more love over the last few weeks. Life outside the blog sphere has been BUSY but good busy. But I aim to change that soon.

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