The Road To Honduras: Short Story Results for Monday’s Muse Oct. 26th 2015

Tis Thursday, and with it comes my results for Monday's Muse Writing Prompt! To check out the original post for rules and participation, click HERE.


The ROad to Honduras


“I thought you said you were done smoking.” She said, aimlessly tossing torn bits of grass into the blanket of darkness before them.

“I did,” He said taking a slow, deep drag from the cigarette dangling precariously from his lips. “But that was before all this happened.” 

He swept his lighter behind them, casting a quick glow of orange light on the boots of the men who lay on the ground in bloody heaps. They weren’t the only one’s injured. A sticky, bloody cut saddled his swelling nose.

She hoped it wasn’t broken. The fight was her fault after all.

“But since you are bringing up people’s failed goals, I thought you were done with all this yourself. Want to explain?”

Even through the veil of smoke and darkness of the night she could still see the green of Dean’s eyes. He always had the greenest eyes, one’s that never failed to get their way…at least when it didn’t come to her.

“No.” She said, shaking her head as she turned from him. More so she was shaking off the guilt that tried to weigh down her shoulders. Dean had fought for her, broke his parole and even though he didn’t seem to care, she most certainly did.

“Suit yourself,” He said before walking a few steps ahead of her. “But you owe me.”

Her eyes rolled shut and she sighed out the words, “Right” before dislodging her boots from the rooted position they had taken in the ground. She hadn’t moved since the first few fist was thrown, standing stock still the moment Dean got the number on the three guys who were accosting her.

It happened on a regular. It wasn’t that she was the prettiest woman around, but she made due, given off enough honey to catch a man’s eye. She only teased them a bit, slipped a little ‘taste’ into their drinks before they addled hers. It was just enough to get them to sleep and give her a chance to rid their foul wallets of their weight.

Lady ‘killers’ didn’t need cash.

But as to her game, and her catching of men’s eyes, tonight she had caught three, one of which had remembered her from a bar across town. Things quickly went south. She shuddered to think what would have happened had Dean not been there, had he not been passing through.

“Where are you headed?” She finally asked. Ten minutes walking along side him in the chill of night with nothing but the sound of gravel beneath their boots and regrets of her mistakes whispering in her ears had nearly driven her mad.

“Honduras.” He sniffed and then spit.

“Honduras? But,” Her head was suddenly spinning. Not only had he broken his parole, for her, but now he was leaving the country. “Dean, you’ll make it worse! You can’t skip town let alone the country on parole!”

Dean huffed. “Maybe you should have thought of that before nearly getting yourself killed. Besides, if you were that concerned about my parole you would have known that it ended last month.” He winked at her and yanked open the door of his old Chevy 4×4. “Get in,”

She did so obediently and waited until they were well down the road before speaking again. “If you’re headed to Honduras, what about me owing you? Does that mean-”

“Hell no you ain’t off the hook.” He huffed again as if her statement was the dumbest he had heard.

“Then what do I owe you?” She narrowed her eyes at him. “And if you think I am spending the night with you, you are out of your mind!”

Dean laughed and snorted again. “I don’t want you to spend the night.”


“You are coming to Honduras with me though.” He flashed a smile at her silence. “A man’s wife is supposed to go where he goes anyhow. And this way I know you’ll stay out of trouble. You can’t speak a lick of Spanish.”



46 thoughts on “The Road To Honduras: Short Story Results for Monday’s Muse Oct. 26th 2015

  1. OOooOOoo. Honduras man’s voice fits the picture. Maybe a little raspy. So he likes trouble and thinks he’ll tame her. 😀 😀 Terrific twist. I wasn’t expecting this turn of events.
    Awesome. ❤ ❤

    1. LOL 😀 I am glad you liked Dean. To be honest, I never know what is going to happen when I do these prompts so the ending caught me too! Thanks for reading, Tess. You have no idea how much I value your feedback.

      1. And I yours. It’s always valuable to get good feedback.
        I never know where prompts or stories for that matter will end up when I write them either. It’s fun going for the ride. It’s especially satisfying when the characters lead the way ❤ ❤ ❤

      2. Yes it is! It makes the story more believable. And Feedback is so very necessary for good writing. Hey, are you thinking about doing NaNoWriMo? It starts tomorrow.

      3. No, I haven’t registered for NaNo this year but I hope to clear everything off the table to work on unfinished business. I haven’t been submitting and been getting lazy. Time to do something again.
        What about you? Did you mention you are?

      4. I wanted to, but I have made the hard decision to hold off. I too need to get some of my fires burning on their own with sustainable heat before I undertake another big project. I recently in the midst of sleeping came up with a new novel series BUT in order to even write those I need to finish the other novels I started which need revising and editing AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PUBLICATION! 😉

      1. That is the only way to write I think.Just let it flow and then polish it up later. Alas I am going to hit the sack now. Its almost 2 am!

      2. I am self employed which has its pluses and minuses. You can sleep in longer BUT you will be up ALL NIGHT LONG. If you don’t get it done its not going to get done.

      3. I am an artist. I used to make marriage contracts/ketubahs/greeting cards. Did that for 5 years and this year I closed down that business as, well I had enough of the wedding stress lol. I also did commissioned oil paintings which is also very lucrative BUT it is time consuming and left little room for writing. Now I am working on a jewelry line which still takes up time BUT I enjoy it 😀 Officially I am a graphic designer.

      4. Oh wow – you ate very arty then? A marriage contract sounds a bit… I dunno, like someoens trying to protect themselves or their wealth. What kind of jewellery do you make? Have you blogged about it? I want to see more of your work.

      5. Lol I saw marriage contract as many people don’t know what a Ketubah is. Historically they were designed to ensure the rights of the wife in marriage and still are within the orthodox communities of Judaism BUT many non orthodox Jews and non Jews get Ketubah s as just written vows of love. 🙂 I do consider myself a Jacqueline of many trades. I figure we get one shot at life so have fun with it. 😉 I will blog about the jewelry soon tho.

      6. I see, i didnt know about ketubah. You do seem to do lots of stuff, i wish i knew how to turn my hand to working for myself, in whatever way i choose. This working for someone else stuuf is crap lol

      7. Lol if it makes you feel better the Ketubah work was working for others and it was STRESSFUL! Also commissioned painting can be stressful as well.

      8. I can imagine it’s stressful as you need to paint it how the client wants it I guess, if can’t be all your own work… can it?
        Good Candice morning BTW 🙂

      9. Good morning/afternoon to you too! And yes that was one of the down sides of the commissions. I had “creative restraints.” Those can be stifling. So this past summer I decided not to take on any new commissions (I still have 2 to wrap up) and in the spring/summer I officially closed down my business for ketubahs/cards etc. Now focused primarily on the jewelry and of course my writing.

      10. Have you ever seen electronic jewellery? This is where it’s made from printed circuits and the like? I don’t even know if it would be something that people would buy, I think it’s cool, but then I would lol

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