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One Liner Challenge!: A story written by many voices

Hello All! I was nominated by E. Rawls, one of the most imaginative writers I have met in the blogsphere, to continue this one liner story. Should you get a chance, please stop by E’s blog and check out their incredible telling of the story of Wonderland, The Madnes Solver. It is not what you expected but everything you could hope for!

Story Rules:

  1.  Write one line in the ongoing story
  2. Pass the challenge onto the next victim/nominee
  3. Link back to your nominator
  4. Link back to Rich at Shine On: Wafflemethis who created the challenge
  5. Copy and paste all the previous story and add your line in italics
  6. If you decide you don’t want to take part, please contact Rich at Waffles so he can send it elsewhere and keep his story going

The story so far, and then my contribution in italics at the end:

Chapter 1…THE BEACH

It was a warm sunny day and sea was an almost transparent shade of blue.
I lay there, watching the waves lap on the shore, a drink in hand, a tear rolling down my cheek.
I stand up yelling at that boy who threw this load of sand into my eyes and my drink when he jumped over me.
I then grabbed my water gun, running fast after him, I was laughing, he was jumping over people to escape. He turned to look at me, but didn’t see the two children in front of him carrying two delicious looking ice cream cones.
As he barreled into the children, knocking the ice-cream from their grasp, I caught one of the scoops of pistachio and hurled it at his head as I fell laughing to the ground!
And what luck, his mouth was open and he gulped down the scoop, spitting nuts rapid-fire style like a rabid squirrel! And wouldn’t you know it, a squirrel leaped from a nearby tree, performing a flying maneuver worthy of the best traveling circus family, catching the nuts in his mouth in mid-air!!
It was all too fantastical and I wondered for a moment if I’d forgotten to take my medication earlier…or perhaps I took too much!
I opened my eyes with a jolt, peeled my face from the sticky plastic beach lounger, and rubbed my eyes-sun and too many mojitos make for ridiculous dreams!
Unaware to her, the man behind the one way mirror furiously scribbled down notes and couldn’t help but marvel at how his creation truly believed IT was a real human being and he hadn’t even begun stage 2984DU which everyone with his intellect knows is when the real fun starts!
Professor James Loxet knew he had just one more test to carry out before the implant of the 2984DU chip, Just one more social situation, the dinner party. The thought of going to this party, surrounded by so many people, just made James cringe to his core, he hated crowds of people! Yet, at the nagging of his close friends, James, picked himself up from the beach and headed home to change for the party. Despite his nagging headache and the gnaw of anxiety in his gut, James found a sort of peace in the ritual of dressing.
The party was a very formal affair, so James decided to put on his best black tuxedo. He stood before a mirror, fidgeting at the tight-fit of his white shirt and tie, trying to feel comfortable.
The minute he walked through the rotating doors, he was greeted by Brenda, a horrid woman with a snaggletooth and unibrow who spoke through her nose and mocked his work, calling him Mr. Latex.
The back of his psyche buzzing, “Mr Latex will read your entrails!” hisses toward her.
His thought was interrupted as his eyes landed on Robin, mesmerizing in strapless long black dress with hair tied high on her head, flashing her glowing skin. Mrs. Robin, he clenched his teeth as he reminded himself of her new status. Just as he was imagining how different his life could have been if he had married her, Robin felt his eyes trailing the length of her body and gave him a cold, hard look before turning her back to him.
James would not let her go so easily, no matter her status; he rushed behind her, pressed himself against her back as one hand gripped her wrist and the other pressed firmly on her stomach. The pain of a stiletto heel shot through him, and as he released his grip on her, Robin spun round,and James doubled over in agony as her knee made contact with his “sensitive parts.” Why oh why, after previously ripping the very expensive fitted sheet his mother had bought him for Christmas, had he let her persuade him to wear those stilettos in sleep again?

He slowly straightened himself and quickly did a scan around the room to see who may have witnessed what had just happened…good, no one, it seemed, and sauntered over to the bar, in his ‘no, I wasn’t just kneed in the crotch’ kinda way.

Behind the bar stood the lovely Karen, whose eyes looked on James with pity. “May I have a bag of ice?” he asked looking down at the floor. “I saw what happened James. You need more than ice. Meet me in the upstairs bedroom and I will take care of you.”

Karen slipped out from behind the bar as James walked away. She watched him head up the stairs, and then followed him up. The bedroom door was open. She closed it, fastening them both in the room. His eyes widened at the sight of her teeth. Long. Sharp. Pointed. A vampire? “I know what you’re thinking, but vampires don’t get cavities,” Karen opened her mouth and pointed to three fillings in her molars then to her sharp canines, “these are just something all werewolves are born with.”“See this shiny clip on my tie Karen” James asked, hands fidgeting with something in his pockets “Silver.”

Just then the door flew open, James spun round (as well as one can with pummelled pain) and saw a robot standing there. After a short and awkward pause the robot said “A metaphysical dichotomy is affecting this program – Leave now.”

James hesitated only a second before he careened toward the window and shattered it with his haphazard jump, then skidded along the short roof and plummeted over the edge, narrowly avoiding being blasted to a thousand bits by his robot.

What he did not avoid was every branch, twig, and bramble on his way down to the ground, shards of glass sticking to his tux like fake tattoos, as he bounced and bobbed lower (he’d have to thank the gardener later for his placement of plants and shrubs) until finally he reached the cold, hard earth with the thought that he’d at least broken his neck.

His eyes opened weakly from the dream upon a dream, staring at himself in the mirror, barely enough strength to notice the tubes and sensors tied up to his dying body as the chemotherapy took its toll while not assisting a micron with the bone cancer that ravened his body and prevented anything but a life of purgatory.

He sat down on a chair by the window, cursing his weak body, the pain in every cell. He touched the pendant that lay against his chest. A connection, all he had left to connect him to his home. One day, he would go back there. One day, they would come for him. He hung on to that in his worst moments.

The pendant  began to glow suddenly, a strong pulse, and he got up from the chair with a start as the door flew open and in walked Karen—No, this wasn’t the Karen he knew, her eyes glowed with an alien light that screamed danger and looming death.

But it wasn’t his death at all, it was the warning that the study he’d left in the lab all those months ago, the study who thought she was human and dreaming, had somehow gotten free and was mingling amongst mankind.

My Nominee for the continuation of this tale is BlondeLucy of

Take the challenge, my Brilliant Blonde Friend!

Cheers to you!


      • Stories as in fiction, or just my many trials with my writing? For either category I have many! lol

      • I hope I can lend you some inspiration! My goal is to self publish soon BUT I have to weed my way through the lovely maze of editing and revisions. I have several finished nous that need tlc.

      • I hope it goes well for you and you get something out there. Ive had a look at your work and its great, youre already inspiring me😀

      • 😊 glad to do so! We writers need to encourage one another and inspire each other as well.

      • I honestly remember following your blog and yet somehow…alas the issue has been fixed! I will read on! 😀

      • Much appreciated 😀 I like to think the blogbattle community is the best writing community ever so, count on it!

      • Cool, there are a few other blog bsttles in there and i have been writing a short story thats soon to be posted.

      • Well sir you have a talent for storytelling so I am glad to have read what I have read already.

      • You think so? What is it you like about my stories? Ive gone into this totally green, never written a story before.

      • You are totally a natural my friend. Your voice in your writing comes of extremely confident. You make the story believable. When I first read your work I never even had the thought that you were “green” as you put it. That is key for me, also your narration didn’t come off as contrived. It just flowed, like ‘hey I have a story, listen up.’ and we do!

      • I intend to make an “author” blog once I start publishing…have to wade through those blessed revisions and edits first.

      • 😀 right on! I am glad you reached out and we’ve been about to chat. Happy writing, and I will stop by your blog soon to give you my feedback 🙂

    • The instructions are on the posting on my blog. In short read the story that is there and create one line to further the narrative 😀

  1. I love your addition to this story, my talented friend! And thank you so much for that lovely intro <3. I am beyond thrilled that you enjoy Madnes Solver! ^_^ *virtual hug*

  2. wafflemethis says

    Amazing entry thankyou so much, you have really brought it back to its roots. I’ve been waiting so long for someone to do that. And was beginning to wonder if anyone ever would as it seemed to spiral in a completely different direction, thankyou☺

    • My pleasure! Sci-fi is my primary genre so the beginning of the story really stuck with me and well who wants to leave an experiment like that in a lab alone 😉 great idea by the way 😀

      • wafflemethis says

        Thankyou Candice let’s hope people can elaborate for us what does happen when an experiment is left alone for so long☺

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