From Whence They Come: Part 6 of Man of Grace Flash Fiction #Blogbattle

Happy #Blogbattle Tuesday! Our journey continues with Mog and Grace, our GENRE: SCIENCE FICTION and our KEYWORD: MARS. To read stories from other blogbattlers do so by clicking HERE. To read the first 5 chapters of Man Of Grace, do so by following this LINK, it will take you to chapter 5 which has a link to the previous chapters.

From Whence They Come:

Present Day

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. Mog was from…

Pressing the heel of his hand into his eye, rubbing away the evidence of the short stent of sleep he had tasted, Mog stared up at the blanket of stars. Somewhere beyond what he had known, was a place that was the home of his people.

Mog had always been curious, though the leery nature that ran in his blood had kept him on edge, but he had never really been fearful.

The last few days with Grace, his mother, Mog had tasted his own fear, and still he had not fully choked it down. He had yet to tell her that the war was over. Very few knew that truth. Not even Walter knew-Mog bit down a hissing growl as he thought the roaches name. He would deal with Walter soon enough.

The terms for ending the nearly three decades of tyranny and war had been spoken in Mog’s native tongue. Their words were felt more than spoken. To humans it was animalistic. The truth was the language was deeply intimate and left no room for misinterpretation.

What had been decided? The last of the Alphas, an ugly, aged beast had spoken the terms. Rather than watch his sons be torn limb from limb by Mog or his war machines, he would die…at the hands of his children. He would not fight, he would not war. He would end it all, leave the title of Alpha to Mog alone.

But there was a price to be paid in exchange for such an awesome surrender. Mog would have to-

Grace’s shadow fell over Mog’s forehead long after her familiar scent had reached him. That smell had brought him such comfort for 27 years. Now it made him choke on his words, words he had wanted to stab her with when first he believed she was a liar. Three days and he still had not said them…time was running out.  He had given his word. There was no going back. His nature would not allow it.

“How long are you going to avoid me, Mog?” Exhaustion weighted her words.

Mog pressed his eyes closed and rolled up from his back to his knees. He took his time meeting her gaze. Even with the light burning behind her and the darkness of the evening casting her in a cloak of black, he could still see her as if it were mid-day. It was in moments like these that he wished most he was truly just a man, a man born of Grace.

The terms, the agreement he had so eagerly struck, the wound he had meant to deal her had weighed as a milestone around his thick neck ever since she had told him the truth about his past, her sacrifice and why she had so wished she had indeed killed Walter.

Mog had been wishing the same thing, nevertheless he would have still made the deal; the death of the last Alpha, to preserve the lives of 47 giant sons, all who would destroy every human they encountered before Mog took their lives. Mog didn’t waste time doing the numbers. Life was life was life and he’d saved so many with his simple yes.

It was only now he realized it was not so simple.

“I love you.” He said, his voice like distant thunder. Grace was stone still for several moments before she rushed towards him and wept against his neck, kissing him as if he were just a boy, her son whom she had lost and suddenly found.

“I love you, too! And don’t you ever doubt it again.”

“I won’t.” He covered her hands with his and tried to mask his sorrow but even in the dark of night, Grace sensed it.

“What is it?” She asked. More fear wafted from her skin and rightfully so.

What he had to say was going to wound her deeper than his doubt, but there was nothing to be done. Even if he hadn’t doubted her love he would have made the same choice because of her love.

He squeezed her to him as tightly as his strength would allow without hurting her and held her to him as not to see her face, More so he needed her to hold him. Slowly he whispered to her about the end of the war. He felt her heart leap with joy only to suddenly break with the last of the terms.

“Nooo!” She croaked angrily and shrugged free, the look in her eyes dared him to challenge her. “I said NO, MOG!” She shouted when he attempted to speak.

“There was nothing else to be done,” He ducked his head and waited for her to strike him. She was so livid, he expected nothing else certainly not for her to collapse at his feet in a tear soaked heap.

Moaning with his own agony, he pulled her to his lap. “Please, hold me, Mom.” He begged. “There was nothing else to be done. So many lives,” He growled as if in pained defeat, only pacified by the warmth of her face against his. He thought he would drown in her tears.

“Why this? Why would you say yes to this?” She stroked his face and held him with all her strength.

“It was the only way to end the war without more human lives lost. The Giants can only leave by being led and they need an Alpha to lead them. I am the only Alpha. The giants will only leave if I lead them back home. I have to go.”


One more installment, maybe two, and this quick telling of Mog and Grace will come to an end. I am really grateful for all the feedback and support of this story. I hope you will approve of how it will be ended in the Blog Battles. Rest assured, sometime in the future, a full length telling of their story will be made available. Thanks again!



45 thoughts on “From Whence They Come: Part 6 of Man of Grace Flash Fiction #Blogbattle

    1. 🙂 I am really glad you liked it! I also hope that you and the others who have read thus far, will appreciate the end of this tale, either this coming week or the week to follow. Thanks again.

    1. sigh…why do I see you in my imagination, saying the above statement and then walking off slowly into the distance with a forlorn look in your eye. I hope at least you approved of its direction. As I told Tess, I didn’t see it getting this emotional when I first began to write it.

      1. Hahaha confession that’s what the voice in my head was doing in my mind’s eye. Even though in real life I was just staring at the screen ^_^
        How can one not help but approve the direction hahaha unless you are in it for blood and gore and possible annihilation of the human species to the alphas hmmm that might be interesting haha


    1. oh you made me laugh! ha! Who would move your kleenex?! I honestly did see the story getting so emotional so quickly but I followed its direction and here we are. I already see bits and pieces for next week playing in my imagination. 😀

      1. What I find most curious about writing is the struggle we writers have with our characters. I often argue with them about their decisions, like “Mog, you couldn’t come up with any other solution. Really?!” Alas life wouldn’t be life, not even for those who live in fiction without these kinds of choices 😀

    1. Lol I didn’t intend for this story to be so long. The benefit is I have a great outline for when I get around to writing a full length novel. Have you done NaNoWriMo?

      1. Haha… youre the second paraffin today to mention this. I hadnt hard PC it before. No i havent, bit hopefully i will one day,maybe next year ☺

      2. I have very little time do be able to do it… I hoping to next year after I’ve looked at it more and maybe done a dry run of some kind.
        That sounds crap… am I too safe?

      3. Yes you are too safe! Live on the edge! take a leap! Actually I have used the month of June as my NaNo month. I mean you could pick any 30 day month to challenge yourself 🙂

      4. I understand. I have wanted to do November but it never seems to work for me. So until life changes somehow I will stick with June. It is a very uneventful month in my world.

      5. take your time and go with your muse. When you get to a place that you feel pumped about doing then dive right in! But always take your time 🙂

      6. Hey, im a guy… We never rush things lol
        Seriously, i take youur point, i think much of the work needs to be done in the head before bringing out the fingers lol

      7. Ahahaha! I see my stories first either as dreams or as they play out before my eyes. Sometimes I write them after meditating on them for a while.

      8. I get ideas and write then down straight away. I use google keep for it. I find my ideas come often during music, sometimes they just ping in my head. What sort of meditation do you do?

      9. When I start to write a full length novel, I generally will create a music playlist of songs that get me into my character’s heads. I created a couple postings about this…I shall have to look up the post. What I mean by meditating is just by letting the story get deeper into my core, feel the character’s emotions. As crazy as it sounds I may even walk around as them for a spell to really acquaint myself. Let’s say I have a character called Lester. I may eat a meal as Lester or plan my day as Lester. Again, it makes for more believable characters I think.

      10. Thats not strage at all. I get that… Youre becoming the character.
        Thank you so much for your kind works Candice. I have to sleep, but i will cstch you soon i hope ☺

    1. Me too! i have been thinking of all the things that could possibly happen to Mog outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. After all, he is one of a kind, born of a breed that killed those that would be like him before they took their first breath. Isn’t it funny how we create worlds and yet we don’t have all the answers to them? 🙂 That is one of my fav things about writing, being a watchful stenographer.

  1. Oh, I really feel for Mog, and Grace. But sometimes doing the right thing for the big picture means sacrificing the right thing in the small picture. I hope things work out for the best in the end.

    1. Wow that is a very profound way of putting things. Your feedback is priceless. I can’t say it enough. I too hope there is a beauty that can come out of this for both Mog and Grace. Being that the story tells me what it is doing while I write it I currently have no idea what the end will be. But I am inclined to create acceptable endings even if they aren’t nice and neat “happy” endings.

    1. I hope they are good feels! LOL I certainly don’t want you to read the last of the tale and feel cheated emotionally. I can’t stand that. As far as Mog leaving, acting as reader and not writer, I don’t see any other way, but then I suppose I know more of the story than you do as of yet. I hope the end will be satisfying tho! Thanks for reading and giving feedback! 😀

      1. Yes, they are good! It does seem like he has no choice but to leave. I’m just a sucker for happy endings, lol, but not all endings should be happy. I don’t always write happy endings myself. But I’m confident yours will be satisfying. 🙂

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