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A Song Called Revisions: 5 Encouragements For the Road Ahead


Revisions, revisions, revisions. If you have ever dreamed of writing a novel, or have already undergone the work of doing so, then the song called “Revisions,” is one of familiarity to you.

It’s a catchy tune, being that it only has ONE word…Revisions.

Let’s face it, writing a novel is an amazing adventure, one that you can’t really express how great it is in words, even though it is built of nothing but words. But even with all that fun and glory there is the not-so-fun part of the journey, which entails editing and revisions.

Revision: (re·vi·sion)- To change text: To amend text in order to improve, adapt it, update it, or correct it”

Even without a definition the word itself tells you what it is about; Revision-re-vision: Get a different vision. Maybe you are seeing with decent creative vision, but 20/20 is obviously better than “decent.”

Can we all be honest? Most of us think our first drafts are GOLDEN anyway! So what they are either devoid of comma’s or infected with them. So what half of our words are flowery, making a novel that could easily be 90k words somewhere near 200k.

So what! So what! SO. WHAT!

Well, after you get over your delusional temper tantrum, you put yourself in the place to realize that even though your First draft (and maybe even your Second and Third) is full of GOLDEN POTENTIAL it does indeed, NEED WORK.

It does need amending, adapting, updating, correcting, improvement. It simply, or not so simply, needs…Revision. (Que the Music.)

NOTE: Most of the not-so-simple aspects involved in revisions is more emotional than anything else.

My dream for you is for you to accomplish your dream. If you have dedicated the time an energy that it takes to write a first draft than writing is definitely in your blood. This is no easy feet, and yet you have achieved it. Job well done!

The hardest part of telling the story is already behind you. What’s ahead is grooming, polishing, cleaning it up.

Here are a few Encouraging Graces I would like to share with you as you proceed forward:

  1.  Keep your characters on track with their personalities: If you come up with a clever scene that is not believable to the voice of your character, don’t use it, no matter how brilliant it is. Instead, write it down in a separate document and use it in another story. There will be other stories. I promise!
  2.  Don’t rush your scenes. Take your time: If you have already cleverly drawn your readers into your fictional world, don’t unravel that work by rushing the pace when you get excited about what you are doing (writing it out as quickly as your fingers and excitement will allow) or wanting to rushing to get to the next scene because it is calling for your attention.
  3. You don’t have to write/revise in chronological order: Should the “next scene” continuously interrupt your flow, go and tend to it, strike while your creative iron is hot, but remember to return to the previous scene you’ve abandoned to polish it up.
  4.  Remember you have all the time you need: Take your time to make your baby shine so you don’t need to rush, but don’t be too slack either. Set a date for completion with each round of revisions, but remember it is a fictitious date. No sweat if you miss it. You can always make another.
  5. Have fun with this!: Dreams should not become nightmares and rob us of our joy. If you feel yourself losing joy, work on another unrelated project or hobby to your heart’s content. Then go in for another round when your joy or peace has returned.

So let the Revision Music play in your ears. Allow yourself to dance with it. Your hard work will definitely pay off in the end!

Go on and revise…you know you want to.


P.S I would like to thank my BFFSWF (Blogging Friend Forever, Supportive Writing Friend) Blonde Lucy of Blondewritemore, for being a muse and encouragement for this post! Be wise, and do follow her blog.

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