The Collection: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt September 28

Today is Thursday! What does that mean? It means I share my results from Monday's Muse Writing Prompt. If you would like to see the original challenge, please click HERE.


THe Collection


She was never good with picking locks. It was a great relief to know that this time they had a key.

“The house is charming.” Her client said, leaning forward with a sheepish smile. Claire had told the woman that the backyard was a bit choppy; littered with bits of gravel and gopher holes. It was part of the “charm” of being an old, abandoned house. Claire forced a smile. There was nothing charming about the way the yard chewed up her Jimmy Choo’s. At least the sweet, little couple looked eager to buy the property.

She was showing it as a favor and would only get 15 percent off of the commission their true realtor would receive. She could easily replace the shoes.

“I’m glad you like it. It is a lovely estate.” She pulled the old key from her pocket and took the lock in hand. The couple insisted upon seeing the carriage house. She really couldn’t blame them. If Claire were dropping 3.2 million on a home that would cost at least half that to bring back to a semblance of its former glory, not to mention to pull it up to code and with the times, she would have insisted that the realtor show her every square inch, Jimmy Choo’s be darned!

The lock was warm for the heat of the sun and gave a bit of kick back as Claire tried to force it open. It might have been an easier task had she not gotten her nails done two hours ago and was now trying her darnedest not to chip the top coat. At least the couple was patient.

The couple made small talk about their visions for the home, where they would like to put the baby room, how they would retrofit the doors to accommodate their collection of Great Danes. They hadn’t said ‘collection’ but as far as Claire was concerned, having 5 animals the size of ponies all in one place was definitely a collection if not a small herd.

The sun peeked from behind a cloud and a ray of brilliant light sliced through the one clear spot in the carriage house window pane. Claire nearly chocked when she saw the collection of vintage cars. There had to be at least 10 of them.

3.2 million…the number flashed across her mind, all inclusive was quick to follow. 10 vintage cars that looked to have not been touched by time. It was a no brainer. Claire was sold.

“You know what? This isn’t going to work. I will get your realtor on the line. He said there was another house he wanted to show you as well, one perfect for your dogs.”

She tiptoed across the gravely backyard her fingers itching to dial the man. He did owe her a pair of shoes after all. She would take the house instead.


Writing prompts can be such bizarre things, as can the results. I think I only managed 465 words which isn’t very many for a 20 minute time frame. What I can say is that I saw Claire and her greedy self , clearly. Its funny how so many different options for what exactly was in the carriage house came to mind; everything from squatters to aliens…my mind is not genre prejudice. I hope you enjoyed what was created.




8 thoughts on “The Collection: Flash Fiction Results For Monday’s Muse Writing Prompt September 28

    1. 😀 Thank you! I look forward to reading what you come up with. I only remembered today that I hadn’t written my story for this prompt. I am trying to write them in advance and schedule them to post on the given day. It has been a busy week. A good week, but a busy week.

      1. It has! I’m so wiped out from work I get too lazy to write. Only cheating myself…

      2. Funny thing is, right now I am debating 1.Editing a chapter of Ascension Graveyard and posting it or 2 reading a book…I am definitely going to have a grilled cheese while a deliberate. lol

      3. i understand. i’m at a standstill with my current novel. no clue where to go with it. not sure if i should write this ff now instead of later…

      4. Take a little break from it, (assuming you haven’t already) and work on other stories just to allow that part of your imagination to relax a bit…I actually think It would be in my best interest if I followed my own advice with AG. 😀

      5. hahahah Yeah I’ve been putting it off for days now. I will write, even if it’s crap!

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