Heat of Fall: Flash Fiction A Devotion To The Fall


Heat of Fall

There was something odd about the weather. The humidity in the air chafed her neck like a wool scarf wound tight in the heat of the summer months. The only thing was summer was gone, or at least should have been.

Fanning herself with a grimace, she watched condensation slide down the curved body of her water bottle. Even the beverage that was supposed to sustain her in the unwelcome heat was sweating. She pulled a paper napkin from a box and soaked up the cast moisture from her water bottle, before using it to cool her forehead.

Then she took a long gulp of the temped fluid, all the while thinking she would have been better off taking a cup of hot tea flavored with a dash of Turmeric and Cinnamon. At least tea had a reason to be hot this close to October. The swirling colors of rust and ocher floating about in her steaming mug would act as a reminder of what fall was meant to be.

Switching into a lighter shirt and shaking her head at the window fan that only heightened the humidity that had taken hostage her home, she set off to put on her kettle.


True story this one…



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