Edamame: A Short Story Blogbattle

Today is Blogbattle Tuesday! This week's WORD: is "Legume." Here are a few facts about the story; GENRE: Contemporary Romance...I think. To read other entries by other blogbattlers, be sure to click HERE!


“Mrs. Legumes? Mrs. Legumes? You forgot to sign the last document.” The woman, more like girl receptionist, stopped her in the midst of her stiff-backed retreat. All the drama and dignity she had attempted to convey, deflated and blew away like feathers on the wind as the last cut to her pride came in the form of bright glossy lips, and a cheap smile.

“It’s Leaguemons.” Jerusha Leaguemons tried not to frown at the girl, receptionist, but she hated when her name was uselessly butchered. What was so hard about ‘league’ and ‘mons’? She just didn’t get it.

Shielding her eyes, either from the glare of the sun that was glowing through the wall of windows, or from the way it reflected itself mercilessly from the girl-receptionist’s bright pink lips, she corrected her name again. She had no choice. the confused look in the eyes that stared into hers let on to that.

“My name is Jerusha Leaguemons,”

The receptionist’s eyes fluttered and her head gave a sugary twitch as if fairy dust would pop out of her ears. “Well, that is what I said, isn’t it?” Her smile broadened.

“No. You didn’t. You called me ‘Mrs. Legumes.'” More confusion washed through the receptionist’s-Katty, her name was Katty-eyes. Jerusha took the paper from Katty’s hand, all the while thinking how much her parents must have hated her to give her such a ridiculous name, barely giving the page a glance.

Walking back to the nearest counter she laid down the paper and pulled a pen from the inner pocket of her suit coat. “Legumes are plants, Katty, generally those with pods. My name is Leagumons, and I am a Ms. not a Mrs. And,” She glanced down at the page, flipping it front to back. There was nowhere for her to sign. It wasn’t even a legal document.

Jerusha’s ire rose like steady tide, primed to hit its mark and consume it. “And this isn’t even a legal document. Its,” What was it? Her eyes narrowed. It was a fancy menu to the Asian restaurant next door. It even had a smudge of soy sauce streaking across the sushi section.

Jerusha curled the page with balling fingers and glared back at Katty. “This, is a menu.”

Again the sugary smile, but this time it was coupled with a giggle. Katty must have thought herself Tinkerbell.  “Honest mistake.” Her voice was far to chipper.

Jerusha scowled and blamed it on the sun…in her head. “Not hardly, Kat. Its as simple as reading the letters and-”

“Ms. Leaguemons?” A male voice, his male voice, shut down Jerusha’s bitter retort right before it slid from her acid tongue. Jerusha didn’t know what was worse; that the man had taken her job, the one she had been busting her hump for for over a year, or the fact that not only did his smooth, southern tenor make her weak at the knees, but so did those eyes.

If she wasn’t mistaken, they were Periwinkle. Periwinkle! Her favorite color…or at least it had been before Aldous took her job like a bloodhound took to a bone. Who was she kidding, his eyes made her like the color even more. It was a sick game of love and hate.

Aldous Peabody. At least his name was something she could throw darts at, she certainly wouldn’t damage a picture of that fine specimen. What was she thinking? He was the enemy. He was a job-stealing shrimp! A nicely formed shrimp standing at at lest 6’2.

Huffing away the incredulous thought, she stiffened her back, and glanced behind him, as if through him, careful not to look into those Periwinkle eyes, or that deep dimple that creased down his left cheek, almost lost in the shadow of his day old beard. She could have sworn his face had been clean shaved yesterday.

Aldous closed the space between them with quick steps, his tanned fingers touching Katty’s shoulder. “Thank you for stopping Ms, Leaguemons, Katty.”

“It was no trouble.” She said to her boss with far more pride than she should have. To Jerusha she said, “You can keep the menu.” And then she was back behind her desk, smiling her greasy pink smile again.

“You had her stop me?” Jerusha’s tone was far less hard than she had intended it to be. It almost sounded polite. She growled inwardly.

Aldous’ brow rose and he chanced a glance at her belly before blushing. Heat had also risen up Jerusha’s face. She didn’t want this man ogling her, or maybe she did. She growled again and he chuckled.

“Is something funny?! Because its not to me!” She suddenly lost her cool.

Aldous’ smile fled. “No, I,” He cupped the back of his neck. “I wanted to have a word with you about your decision to resign, try to convince you otherwise.”

Jerusha found her starch again and it stayed firm as long as she kept her eyes on his shoulder and no where else. “There’s nothing to talk about. I have made my choice.”

“I was hoping you’d reconsider. But the way you walked out, I didn’t get a chance to present my offer. I promise it is a good one.”

Jerusha kept staring at his shoulder. She should have walked away, but the warm scent of his cologne kept her in place. She was pathetic. She rolled her eyes.

Aldous cleared his throat, taking the jester as an affront against him, a deserved one. He pulled the menu from her grasp and gently cupped her elbow. “Why don’t you let me take you to lunch, just you and me. We can talk things over. What do you say? I hear they have a great shrimp and edamame dish next door.”

How could she resist? She hated shrimp, but loved edamame, she even liked the way Aldous said it.



Finished with around 980 words. I feel like it was an abrupt ending for something that needs a bit more fleshing out. Nevertheless I hope you liked what you got to read. 



43 thoughts on “Edamame: A Short Story Blogbattle

  1. Mrs. Legumes…I means Ms. Leaguemons (sorry, couldn’t resist) was a delightful character. I love the twist with the receptionist – that she was stalling. You painted these characters beautifully. I really enjoyed it 😀

  2. when someone pronounces my name wrong, in my head horrible things happen to them although I may smile while correcting them, in my head I am harvesting their internal organs with my thumbnails (ooops did I say that out loud)
    long story short I feel her ire; Ms Leaguemo

    I love the word periwinkle for no particular reason, and the last line “She hated shrimp, but loved edamame, she even liked the way Aldous said it.”


    1. 🙂 thank you B, I really appreciate your feedback. Butchering of names is annoying. I get irritated when someone on social media mispells my first name when IT IS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM! Granted autocorrect prefers CandACE OVER CandICE so I should cut folks some slack I suppose. And nobody heard what you said about the organs…nobody 😉

      1. I hope so lol. He has periwinkle eyes, we can’t waste those! I sadly lost track of time with my family being over and didn’t get my set aside time to read all of the stories before voting ended 😦 Good thing is I can finish reading anyhow 😀

      2. haha Candice! I’ve fallen behind on everything this week, so I’m just now finishing up reading them all. It’s a half hour past the deadline, but if you only have a few left to read I can extend out the voting until some time tomorrow. 🙂

      3. Unless you can vote 7 times the winner is already clear! Wowzah! We had forty votes in this week, Candice. That’s a new record. Sarah Brentyn’s story received 11 votes which makes her the clear winner this week. If you haven’t read her story…well, there you go. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe it, Candice! I’ve been hosting the blog battles for six months (today!). You have been keeping at it since week six! I am so happy BlondeLucy caught your attention with the battles because it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and reading your fiction over the last many months. You’re a delight. Thank you for being a part of it!

    1. 😀 This really blessed my day! And WOW! I can’t believe we’ve been at this for so long. I have enjoyed each week and reading from others. I am happy BlondeLucy invited me into the fun! You are all wonderful people, and my life and creativity has been greatly enriched because of knowing your Rachel. You’ve encouraged me in so many ways.

  4. A very creeative use of the word Legume in this, Candice; and I like all of the unique, interesting names. 🙂 Jerusha, I like that gal!
    Wow, 6 months it’s been. I’m so glad you joined the Battles and that we’ve gotten to know each other, Candice. You’re a blessing.

    1. You have been a blessing to me as well! You are such a wonderful and delightful soul and I really appreciate your feedback and enjoy your stories. This has been an excellent experience!

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