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Is It Really That Complicated?: A Quote Day 3 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

Don’t make change too complicated, just begin.” 


And this is exactly what I intend to do, begin. For a long while now I have had this feeling that change was coming; change in my personal life, change in my future, change in my writing and art, and of course, change with my blog.

When I began this journey, I started it with the intention of harnessing and fanning the flame of the creative light that had reawakened in me in November of 2013.

I believe that I have done that, so much so that it has become a raging fire. The thing is, now that the embers are greatly ablaze my purpose seems to have changed.

What I needed in the beginning for this blog, (blogging daily, creating random sketches, free writes and musings) is not necessarily what I need now. Now I need to be more focused. I need a strategy to bring about my desired success.

file000786402730For over a year I have been going on about finishing Ascension Graveyard. I have hinted to my desire to create pieces of art that are more focused and directed. In order to do that I must change my approach in everything.

My allocation of time has to change, which leads me to what I see happening with Icameforthesoup. Basically, I need to go on a schedule. I actually began said schedule today.

Wednesday! Wash up Wednesday is what I am calling it. Basically it means do the laundry mop the floors, scrub down all toilets until they gleam, etc.

Give me a break, I am trying to get excited about all the not-so-exciting stuff that we have to do.

I literally cleaned for a good 8 hours today which meant I barely made this blog posting in time…I tend to move slowly when it comes to cleaning…am I alone in this?

I digress.

As far as scheduling for the blog goes, my plan is to check in daily, but to do postings of my own on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This way I am able to maintain Monday’s Muse, Blog Battle Tuesday, and post my results of Monday’s Muse, while giving me time to create more focused projects to share in between.

I have so many novels begging me to complete them. So many images floating in my head asking me when I will settle down and give them life on canvas or paper.

Taking the time to shift from what has been awesome and yet familiar can be nerve wrecking, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

So that is where I am, my friends. I am not going to over think things or over complicate them. Icameforthesoup is about exploring untapped creativity, and that is what I intend to do…just with a more structured strategy.

With that in mind, I leave you with a bonus quote:

Write without fear. Edit without mercy.”

I plan to be doing a LOT of that as well.


*To read the previous day’s quotes, click DAY 1 or DAY 2.

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Founder of "I came for the soup...", Candice Coates is a Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer, jumping from genres ranging from her most beloved genre, Speculative Science Fiction and Fantasy to Comedic Clean Read Romance and Suspense Thrillers, all with touches of her Christian faith. She is a lover of Ireland, languages, tea, and just about anything with pistachios. When not writing she is working on creating visual art.


  1. 🙂 I liked both of these quotes, especially the last one. There must have been something in the air Wednesday, I ended up spending my day shampooing the carpets, and almost didn’t get my second quote up, lol. I do love to vacuum, so I consider shampooing the carpets extreme vacuuming!! Lol. I too will be rearranging my schedule so that I can continue to do the blog posts that I enjoy doing.

    • It must be in the air! Wash up Wednesdays at Carrie Ann’s. Shampooing the carpets! LOL Yeah I realized that spreading out chores through out the week was not helping at all. What ended up happening was that I still did more chores and less of what I planned to do. I am glad you liked the quotes. I had decided on the one about change but then found the one about writing and had to share it. WE are all in this writing struggle together. We need to stay encouraged 😉

  2. Candice, you’re fantastic. The quotes are great and you’ve given me good reminders about planning and priorities. I appreciate you so much! 🙂 I’m also rooting for you in your endeavors.

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