Waters of Oasis: A Short Story #BlogBattle

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Waters Of Oasis

“Give it back, I want it back. Now.” Eridah held her hand out, her eyes narrowing to dangerous slits.

“What is it that you want back, Eridah?” Dotam’s voice was like a smooth vibration, grumblings of the earth. He allowed his own eyes to slid up and down her frame, taking in every fiery inch of her. A smile played at the corner’s of his lips.

Eridah’s scowl deepened. “My heart, you fiend. You took it and I want it back. ”

“And how do you know-”

Eridah raised her chin and her hand in a halt, cutting off Dotam’s words. “Don’t you dare! I know you have it. I know this because all I have been thinking about lately is you. You. I see you in my sleep. I hear your voice when I am in silence. My belly flutters with the mention of your name!”

13632883606abiiDotam finally laughed. The world around Eridah trembled with the rise of her ire.

“And how do you know for certain that it is I who took your heart?” His dark eyes sparkled like a sackcloth sky dotted with a thousand tiny stars.

“I can hear its beating somewhere around here!” Her eyes began to scan around him, searching for her soul.

Dotam swallowed down the chuckles that rolled inside of him. “If I have your heart, dear one, it is not because I took it, it is because you gave it. In which case it is mine for the keeping.” His eyes swam with hers, refusing to release her gaze from his own. The smile had fled as had his laughter. Dealing with hearts was a serious matter.

He said, “Did you or did you not go to Oasis?”

Eridah’s mouth bobbed before slamming shut, her chin jutting higher in the air and her arms folding across her chest.

“Did you?” Dotam’s perfect brow raised, his tone gentle. His body shifting to face hers. He had expected others to come to him to recapture what they had battered in exchanged for a taste of Oasis. He just had not imagined that Eridah would be one of them. It was a lovely surprise.

Eridah took a step back but went no further. Dotam’s dark eyes were extremely hypnotizing. Strangely enough, she could tell he was not working his powers upon her. He did not have to. He had her heart.

“It was a moment of weakness.” She blurted out after a long staring contest with him. “I was lonely, and there it was, hovering in the distance!” She flung her arm before drawing it back around her, her brow pulled in a frown. “When I am lonely I grow curious for the strangest things. Oasis-Oasis is a thing for mortals and I-I,” Again her mouth went shut.

Curiosity had never been her friend. But she was curious, wondering why so many nomads would trade away their treasures just for a drink from Oasis. She had wondered it for eons. She should have known better than to taste the waters.

She knew to whom they belonged. She just had not thought her heart would be what was taken in exchange. She should have been more careful. Dotam did not deal in returns, at least not with mortal men. Eridah was as far from mortal as Dotam was.

She felt his eyes taking appraisal of her again, and felt a rush sweep through her. Her teeth clenched as she began to seethe. “I want it back, Dotam!” And she did. She felt vulnerable without it. She couldn’t stand being vulnerable. Loneliness was bothersome as it was, but to be heartless and lonely was just too much to bear.

“But it was a fair exchange, was it not?” He leaned back and smiled again, clearly enjoying his knew possession. “No one made you take the waters. The desert is of no consequence to you. You took from Oasis, and you gave in exchange. Those are the rules.”

“But you made the rules so you can change them. Will you?”

His ears perked and he listened to the heart he had unwittingly claimed as it beat and thrashed. “I could change them, but I see no benefit in doing so, especially not in this instance.”

Tears flooded Eridah’s eyes and her chin trembled against a gasp she had hardly stifled. “Just give it back. It is of no use to you. You didn’t even know that you had it.” Her voice trailed into a defeated whisper and she let out a whimper.

She was suddenly feeling terribly forlorn, so much so that she had not noticed Dotam’s fingertip’s lifting her chin, or that he had closed the space between them. Eridah ceased to whimper. She ceased to breathe.

Dotam’s thumbs brushed away the tears that clung to her chin. “Perhaps you are right. Maybe I should change the rules, but only this once as your heart is of far greater value than any trinket given by mortal man.”

Dotam’s strong arms wove around her and she didn’t resist. He had her heart after all. Instead she melted into his embrace. “So you will return my heart to me?” Hope flashed in her eyes.

Dotam shook his head slowly, his eyes fixed upon her full lips. “No. It is something I have coveted for so long, I would be a fool to return it.” He met her startled gaze and held it as gently as he held her. “But I will even the exchange by giving you my heart for yours. Will you take it?”

The uncertainty of his tone spoke more than his words and more than curiosity led her to agree. And the exchange, heart for heart, was sealed with a perfect kiss.


I really had to push for this. I hope my efforts were not in vain. I hope you enjoyed the curious story of Dotam and Eridah. 



17 thoughts on “Waters of Oasis: A Short Story #BlogBattle

  1. ♥♥♥
    and this right here….
    “If I have your heart, dear one, it isnot because I took it, it is because you gave it. In which case it is mine for the keeping.”

    ♥ for a ♥


  2. Beautiful. 🙂 It has a nice flow, and it’s made me curious about what Dotam and Erida are. Not mortal… so many options. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

  3. Wonderful! At first I was worried for Erida, but then the end pleasantly surprised me! I’m very curious about who/what they are… Well done! And it looks like lots of people loved it. 🙂

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