I Promise: A Short Story #Blogbattle Week 22

Today is Blogbattle Tuesday. I feel as if my words are whispers today, even those that come from my fingertips and keyboard, so I will let them be few. This week's keyword is "TIME." To read more entries by blog battlers, and the creator of the Blog Battles, Rachael Ritchey, please click HERE.

I Promise

“They’ll be safe here, I promise.” His smile bloomed like the radiant sun coming from behind a cloud, and with the same tenderness, it warmed her face, and bathed her heart with gladness.

She exhaled, and hoped that the worry lines would ease from between her brow even if she couldn’t stop the fluttering that tickled beneath her chest. It was hard to leave them there. She had done this before so many years ago, but then…

Reading her thoughts, His gaze turned tender, His scarred hand kissed the crown of her head before sliding down to cup her cheek. The feel of it washed through her like a gentle summer wind. He whispered again, “I promise.” And the storm within her ceased.

She dared to gaze back upon them, the tiny, fragile seedlings that she had planted with hope within this heavenly soil. It was excellent soil, He had told her, and the words bubbled with in her belly as if they were a child come to life in her womb. It made her giggle as if she were but a child herself.

She couldn’t understand it, her heart, this sudden joy, after all the pain and storms, and then suddenly with seeds she had not aimed to plant, not so soon and not in this ground, did she find herself breathing again with hopeful expectation.

But last time, those many years ago, she had planted similar seeds, oh but they were different. She had tilled them with such adamant care, and focus, that her sight had blurred and she hadn’t noticed that their roots had been gnawed away.

No, the saplings were sick from the beginning, and no amount of water could cure them for they refused to take in the light. They didn’t want to thrive in her ground. They didn’t want to be.

It wasn’t her fault, not then, and she never would be made to shoulder the blame.

Now she was beginning anew. And although the thought exhilarated her with fire and joy, she was still hesitant, even as she dropped the new seeds into the ground. “It will be different this time?” She asked, clutching His hand, feeling the warn scars that were His signature of truth. He could be trusted. He had carried her for so long. He had brought her here.

“It will be different, better, far better than you can imagine.” He swept the air with an arching arm and a rainbow bloomed upon the dew and light. He said, smiling again with more warmth. “Just give it time. I promise.” With that He took her hand and led her by the still waters where He refreshed her soul and made her to rest.



25 thoughts on “I Promise: A Short Story #Blogbattle Week 22

  1. Just turning up my electric fan!

    My goodness that did things to me. I was totally taken in by his promise. Wow – good stuff! You need to hit the romantic fiction market soon!

    1. 🙂 I am so glad you appreciated what was written. It is actually allegorical, this piece. As soon as I chop down AG I will be able to focus on other adventures…it is kinda of a mountain right now AG.

    1. Amen! 😀 This was a very personal write for me as this is where I am currently. Old seeds died in the ground and it wasn’t because of lack of faith, but He has given me new seeds and greater promises and even though I can be tempted to compare now to then, I have to trust His perfect love for me and rest in His promise that it will all work together for my good. 🙂

    1. Absolutely. Even when everything around us tries to convince us that we shouldn’t, YET He is faithful and still we can TRUST Him! 🙂 Thank you and I am glad you liked it.

      1. Thank you! I took a look at it but stopped once it said that the challenge topic was at the bottom of the posting and there was only 5 minutes to do it. I plan to give it a go tomorrow but didn’t want to cheat 😉 Thank you for the challenge nomination. I am looking forward to doing it.

      2. Sweet. 🙂 You can read what the topic is, and then think about what to write before the 5 min. I don’t think that’d be cheating, at least I think that’s how it works. 🙂

  2. This summons a peaceful image in my mind. The promise of newly planted seeds that can grow into anything. The promise of potential.

    1. 🙂 this story is allegorical for where my life is now, me trusting Yeshua Jesus that even when one door or several doors not only seem to shu but the building they were in burns down that He as other places, better places for me to build. Trusting that His promise is all we need. I am glad it drew forth a sense of peace for you.

  3. “the warn scars that were His signature of truth”…that’s just beautiful!! There is so much wow in this story for me personally…thanks for sharing your whispers…I heard them perfectly clear 🙂

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