Using My Brain: Setting Time For Priorities

“Use your brain.” Well, I have been. Actually my creativity has had an amazing run over the last month (July), at least in my opinion it has.

I have written several short stories that are still alight with the embers of potential. I have plans to take at least four of my recent works and make them into full length novels or novellas.


That’s all well and good, but I still have that same story, Ascension Graveyard, waiting in the wind for me to complete it. The truth is since I had such a creative run last month, I really didn’t give AG that much time.

I have a solid direction ahead for the story I just need to make it manifest through words.

That requires time, time that I have neglected to spare, in order to make this happen.

Having a dream is one thing, making it a reality is another.”

So what is the point? I am thinking that this week and maybe for the next couple of weeks, that I really apply my brain to focusing on the long term goals I have set for this novel. Or at least get all of the rewritten chapters posted on this blog.

Ascension Graveyard is not the first novel that I have written, but it is the first that I have written before an audience. I would like to finish the task.

I would also like to do a bit more art. This too has been neglected.

The point that I am trying to make is that I may not be doing such a high volume of blog entries for the next few weeks. Having a dream is one thing, making it a reality is another. I need to make the completion of AG a reality.

There are some other projects that need my attention as well…I will keep you posted on what they are in the near future. But until then, I ask that you stick with me, even if I am not as frequent a voice or presence for the duration of this month.

I am off to use my brain now, (keep using my brain) and make things happen…hopefully.



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