Interview with Candice Coates, Prophet #BlogBattle Winner

I am so honored to have won last week’s Blog Battle along side another great writer, using the word Prophet. As a result winning, we are giving a quick interview with the host of the Blogbattles. Here is my interview. I hope you enjoy my answers. Also if you have not had the chance to read my story, titled “Lucinda’s Candle” you can find it HERE.

Rachael Ritchey

Candice Coates

I appreciate a great deal about Blog Battles, but my favorite part is the battlers themselves.

Today we get to learn more about last week’s winner, Candice Coates. She tied with another great battler, Andrew S., and I think you’ll enjoy both their Prophet stories!

So, Candice! I’m pleased as punch you were able to drop by today for a little chat. It’s always nice spending time with you. You’re just an encouraging and kind young woman.

I have a few questions for you today, and we’re all very curious to hear your answers!

1) You’re a creative soul who has devoted your entire blogging experience to developing your artistic voice and in several different ways. As an artist, what is one thing which inspires you in your creativity the most?

What inspires me most is curiosity. When I see color and form I have this burning desire…

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