Running Forward: Musings For The Plans Ahead

I didn’t sleep last night, well hardly a wink, barely 4 hours if you want to get technical. It wasn’t at all that I was being tormented by thoughts, but I have been thinking and praying a LOT.

1391008345vuabpI was up, bright-eyed, laying in the moon kissed darkness, trembling with anxious hope. I whispered a few words into God’s ears in between my turning, waiting for an answer to a question I have been asking for the better part of 8 years.

Last night, He answered and that answer released such joy in the heart of me that I truly feel as if I have been born again, rebooted, starting from zero!

An awesome weight and burden was broken off of my shoulders, and now as I stare forward into the bright horizon, I can’t help but surge with the effervescent joy of “what next?”

So many possibilities lie ahead now that I am free from the “obligation” that weighed on me. And with each step I will gain “me” back. I will heal.

It still seems so unreal, but the feeling in the wellspring of my soul far out shines any doubt.

I realize now that sometimes “Plan B” is infinitely greater than “Plan A,” especially when God has His Hand in it. I am excited for “Plan B,” and all that comes along with it!”

God has redrawn the boarders of my “promised,” land for the land I stand on now is so good! And all I can think to do is run forward! The scenery in my soul is akin to the the aftermath of a summer storm.

The sky is suddenly a sapphire blue, a welcome contrast to the ominous dark. Big white clouds dot the horizon and the sun makes the water that lays as evidence of rain storms and struggle, look like streams of gold at my feet.

My path looks like streets of gold…heaven.

Alas, I will take my time instead of breaking forward, ponder my plans and desires for my future, and enjoy the wonder of what lies ahead.

To God be the glory!

~Poiema, Poetry in Motion


10 thoughts on “Running Forward: Musings For The Plans Ahead

    1. Thank you BFF/SWF of mine! I am okay and will be much better. Being up like this only means I have much to talk about in prayer, and so I do. I thought to get more sleep last night. Slept 5 woke up at 7:30, laid in bed for 30min more until I heard the sweet voice of Jesus inviting me to go on a walk with Him. It was so beautiful this morning and I prayed about a whole lot of things. Maybe one day soon I will get to sit in your home and tell you all about it. 😉

      1. Ahahahahaha! You are absolutely right. lol! Seriously though a BIG decision was made with His permission that has reshaped the landscape and canvas of my life and future. I am literally starting at zero even if that is not evident from the outside. I feel its results on the inside and though they are excellent, they are new and strange and I need wisdom for the next steps as well as the ability to release what I once held.

      2. HEAVENS NO! my goodness my life would be in shambles if I did such a thing. The thought sends a ripple of fear through my spine. No, the decision however has kept me from being as diligent in past weeks but now that it is made I will be back to “normal” so to speak. Don’t be anxious. You already know you are brilliant.

      3. 😀 You are hilarious. Oh but on subject of anxiously waiting, I am considering taking some time off from revision Nexus Gate so that I can as you have done with your manuscript and get it finished with a somersault and all. What do you think?

      4. Warden? lol Even that has to wait. You and Warden…I am really going to have to work hard to get you the sequel or prequel, aren’t.

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