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Song of Strength: Musical Interlude

I realize that we each live in seasons of life; joy or sadness, pain or pleasure, peace or war, soundness or confusion, seasons that differ from the person next to us. Embrace

In the spirit of that knowledge, I share this song for those who are in a season of pain and sorrow, or confusion, whatever it may be, to encourage your heart in the Love of Yeshua Jesus.

God knows, He cares and He is with you. The book of Psalms 126 says, he who sows in tears shall reap in gladness. The Word promises to turn our mourning into dancing. (Psalm 30)

So don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep trusting God and wrest in His loving embrace.

~Poiema Poetry in Motion

what do you do
when the life you planned is shattered
and what do you say
when the one you love is gone
how do live
seems like no hope for tomorrow
pain doesnt care where you live or who you are[chorus:]
Lord you see my life is broken
and i dont know what to do
my life’s being changed, help me remain
i will count on you
when i cant see
i know you’ll guide
when i cry out
i know you feel
now I’m praying
i know you hear
I’m praying for healing
i know you heal[verse 2:]
who do you call
when no one has the answer
where do you go
when the place you’ve known is no more
when will they stop
all these tears they just keep fallin
pain doesn’t care where you live or who you are


we ask you to forgive
and we will do the same
as we recieve your love
and we’ll take this time to heal

[chorus 2:]
hold on and wait just a little while
he’ll bring a song of strength in the midnight
touch our lives with your lovin’ hands
hold on
hold on

[chorus 2: x5]

*I claim no ownership of these lyrics by sharing them on this blog.