Light Overcomes Darkness: A Quote & Poem

The dark is just a canvas for Your grace and brightness.” ~ “Joy” by Rend Collective

Popular opinion has taught us to believe that darkness is the end of things, that we should “fear” the darkness.  We have been taught subconsciously to wallow therein, believing that once darkness has come we are at the end of rope, victims to the sway of circumstance, and that there is no chance for something better. It taunts us to give up.

Faith and hope require a different theology. Creative also demands it.

No Dark Skies

If there were no dark skies

Would you be able to appreciate the beauty of a lightening strike?

If there were no dark skies

Would you enjoy the sporadic glowing of fireflies as they dance upon the night?

If there were no dark skies

Would the sun’s sweet glow ever be missed?

If there were no dark skies

Would you ever find rest to dream for greater bliss?

Creativity…As I set my fingers to writing this post about overcoming the way we see the darkness, the poem to the right was born. Things grow in the struggle of the darkness; babies, harvests, newness of life, sharper vision. Strength.

Veils of darkness in the lives of a believer are the catalyst for greater faith. It is a way for God to show forth His grace and power in our lives, to prove His Word and Promises are true.

Jesus overcame the darkness with Light and the darkness comprehended it not. (John 1:1-14)

This is not a cry to worship the dark, but to see it as an opportunity to achieve and grow something new.

Struggles are real, but so are victories, and just as we cannot have a victory without first engaging in war, so too we cannot shine our brightest without the canvas of the dark behind us.

Keep creating, be encouraged and shine on! Never be afraid of the dark, but see it as a new medium for which to create something awesome!



5 thoughts on “Light Overcomes Darkness: A Quote & Poem

      1. Thank you so much for that! My desire is to inspire others so hearing that I have done that today really does bless me greatly. Thank you for letting me know, Jahaira ❤

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