I Dream Of You, Part 2: A Poem

I dreamed in whispers

And mostly they looked of snowflakes gracefully gliding down into the depths of my navel

They cooled the loveliest burn with the kiss of winter

And the thought of you…

I tasted sweetness

And it slid across my tongue like the tide against the smoothest sands

The foamy gathering of water’s life tickling the edges of my senses

With the longing for you…

I swam in daylight

And the collision of skin and naked stardust shone like the finest glitter

It ignited my passion like the fruits of springtime, ripe for the taking

And I dreamed of you…

Til kiss

Til winter

Til water’s foamy edges in sunlight, blushing fruits

I dream of you…

My love

My darling

I dream of you…

To read part one, click HERE.

*This part of the poem was more so inspired by imagery formed and found in the Song of Solomon, as well as my own imaginative expression. Romance is a timeless and sacred art and beauty.


5 thoughts on “I Dream Of You, Part 2: A Poem

    1. I have been working very hard on some stories recently and they are strictly romantic fiction! That really encourages me to keep pushing and keep imagining. 🙂

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