Oh Summer storms You Are SO Inconvenient!

I had all of these plans today. The sun was shining. I was feeling good. Listened to a great teaching this morning. Sigh.

I had all of these ideas to write some magical things (still might…can’t say for sure because now I am really hungry.) But none of it happened.13527586582mo5k

Why, you ask?

A terrible thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, ate the sun and the blue sky and cast my home into utter darkness. Okay it was this afternoon so it was grey in here not dark, but still.

As I noted that the storm was devouring things quickly, I ran upstairs and for the first time decided (because my computer usually runs really slowly, its old) “Hey, why don’t you let this grandma machine shutdown properly?”

Wrong move. The one time, and I mean the ONE TIME I decide to not push the power down button, lightening strikes and nearly murders my machine with a power surge that sent its clock into the dark ages…the 1900’s, same difference.

Of course I didn’t realize the issue until 5 hours later when the electricity finally came back on. So now it is after 10pm, I haven’t done any writing and I am slightly pouty.

Thank God, I was able to fix the issue and my machine is back at the rights. Truly it is time for me to get an Apple…one that is less than 5 years old…and a laptop.

In the end, I did get to spend a muggy afternoon with some of my family members and one of my favorite nephews. We played in water, he and I, which brought him so much joy. We also ate cheese crackers…always a good thing. He is only 15 months but he looks 3.

Anyhow, I am done whining. I am putting on a smile now and going to eat some Ramen Noodles.


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4 thoughts on “Oh Summer storms You Are SO Inconvenient!

    1. This is true. It can be hard to roll with the punches when it just looked like things were going to go “your” way and then they don’t. I did get some editing done as I was able to read some work on my tablet and write notes by hand. So all was not completely lost in the end.

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