Closing Eyes To See: A Poem

I left my eyes open

Because it was then that I believed I would see

But when my lids were closing from exhaustion

Was when my heart truly found its peace

Thus now I sleep and see the promise

No longer held out of reach

These are the lessons not found in fables

The truths that only experience can teach

…Only faith is needed here

Sight need not apply…


It is late, not that I am not awake at this hour…my muse gets chatty after midnight, but this week, for me has been a VERY heavy one. It has been heavy in a good way. I have posted much in regard to faith. I have learned some lessons. I have come out of some fogs. My head is back on straight. I see the ‘liar’ and now I chase him down with arrows. I will no longer drink from deception’s cup. Onward and upward, 33! You are going to be the best year of many years to come.


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