I Just Felt Like Sharing…: A Moment of Random Musings

I can’t tell you all WHY in the world I have been singing the Star Spangled Banner for months, (In my country western voice) and let me tell you I have been singing my face off with it…at the top of my lungs.

…I don’t live alone. It shameless really. Its like having a captive audience.

I don’t know, its like I am all patriotic. BUT I have ALSO been singing the song above, by Jo Jo. This song came out when I was 22 (11 years ago) and I STILL sing it…also at the top of my lungs. I sing it a lot actually.

So I am a patriotic romanticist.

When I was writing my recent short story, Stone Cold Truth of Love, this song was whispering to me in my head, “You know you want to sing me.”

And I am like, “Not only do I want to sing you, but I want to share you with the WORLD!”

So there it is, “Never Say Goodbye” By Jo Jo.

Singing about love is just so wonderful.



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