Stone Cold Truth of Love: A Short Story Free Write

“Well, its official. I am in love with him.”

“You’re in love with him?”

“Mhmm.” I nod and choose to forgo the pining sigh that swirls within my belly. Gazing out the window I can still see him, not the one who I am in love with, but this other guy…I suppose we are friends, staring at me curiously…I can also see my love…through the window.

Through my periphery I watch the other guy rub his finger across his pressed lips as his dark eyes narrow. I huff now. I can’t contain it. I hate that I can’t know what he is thinking because his eyes are so dark. I hate even more that he has this weird tic of pressing and rubbing his lips.

Honestly I can’t see how he hasn’t rubbed the things clean off his face, he does it so much. He really should consider seeing a therapist. I suggested it once. He only smiled.

But this tic he has, besides being annoying, only means one thing. He is about to get all up, and I mean ALLLLL up in my business. He always does, every time I see him.

I brace myself for Nosey Neil’s, and no his name isn’t Neil, questions. My lips are now pressed, but I look sexy doing it. Its less duck lips and more…me being sexy.

“Correct me if I am wrong,” He says. “Because I thought you and I had an understanding of what being in love truly meant the last time you said you were in love.”

I blink slowly, demurely. He might be watching. He watches me often but always turns away before our eyes can meet and we can share our moment. Generally we have eye contact when I approach him.

I am a modern woman. I am so not against chasing a man.

“And?” Nosey Neil asks again.

“And what?”

Nosey scoots forward in his chair. “To be in love with someone means that they are also in love with you, as in sharing the same moment, space or feeling. Otherwise, how can you truly say you are in love?”

I roll my eyes. “We as in he and I have shared our mutual feelings if you must know.”

Nosey slowly shakes his head. Is he pitying me! I could smack him. Before I can even raise my hand, he has clasped it in his, pity, and yes it is pity, fills his eyes. “Please hear me, because I am your friend,” I snort. “It is true. I am your friend and I want to help you.”

I fan my free hand allowing him to go on. The sooner we get this over with the better.

“He didn’t tell you that he is in love with you. And he certainly doesn’t watch you.”

I snatch my hand away. “You are just jealous! He loves me. We are going places. He has promised me a wonderful future and-”

“I assure you I am not jealous, but he is a statue.” He points outside, at my love. “He hasn’t moved from that fountain since a month ago when he was placed there. And each time you dive in to be close to him you are restrained and then confined to your room.”

“Love takes sacrifices! And he does watch me. See!? He just turned his head.” I stand and point out the window. But to my chagrin the only things that are moving in the fountain are the pigeons he has smacked away. He hates birds being all over him. He told me so.

Nosey joins me at the window, placing his hand on my shoulder. “We are going to get through this. In here,” He taps his head with his finger. “And in here.” And then his heart. “I have faith in you.”

He offers me an encouraging smile which I can only counter with a raspberry and a scowl. Who cares if Nosey doesn’t believe me. Nobody believes him either. I mean who believes a man with a girl name? Its totally deceptive.

-“Ashley?” The nice server in the white suit, I think his name is Darren calls to Nosey-er Ashley. “Ashley, Doctor Grant will see you now, buddy.”

Ashley pats me on the shoulder. “We’ll talk later. Remember, I believe in you.”

Just as he walks away, and begins his usual fit that keeps him from every having a consultation with Dr. Grant, the love of my life looks my direction. I see his head and arms moving through my periphery and smile. He is so coy!

“Oh!” I gasp. One of the pigeons falls dead in the fountain at his smack. This I can’t ignore! I shall have to talk to him about hurting the birds. It will have to wait. Doctor Lewis has an appointment with me. And Lord knows I can’t keep my fans waiting.


I hope you enjoyed this strange little story. I feel like this could go in sooooo many directions. I will keep you posted on what my imagination decides. 


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9 thoughts on “Stone Cold Truth of Love: A Short Story Free Write

    1. Thank you, Libby! Since I tend to lean towards Science Fiction I confess that is the direction I see this heading. In my head (Spoiler…maybe) The statue is not a statue but an alien…I don’t know. I will give it time to brew. The main character however is still in need of professional help. Thanks for reading and sharing a link to your blog!

      1. I tend to let the story tell me what it wants to be, watch it play out in my imagination and follow the bread crumbs in a stream of consciousness style. I find you run into trouble attempting to force your work to be something it was never meant to be. 😀

      2. That’s so true. I start by plotting, but sometimes when you’re midway through, you realise it needs to be totally different. That happened with my most recent book – as I was writing, I had to change the ending entirely! You’ve got to be open to it.

      3. My blog novel, Ascension Graveyard, is one of the only stories I tried to force and now a year and a month later I am STILL writing it, having removed the 44 chapters I used to have posted for the reworked 11 that I currently have…I think its eleven. Anyhow I had shut out a lot of characters and plot twist and as a result the story resisted me for months. I still forced some 60k words of garbage and I am now kicking myself because of lost time. But the lesson has been branded in my heart and mind. I will continue to write what comes.

      4. It hurt…a lot. I felt like I was buried under piles of paper, knowing that some of the words were salvageable but definitely not all. I learned to follow my muse most of all, something I already knew but had suddenly begun to ignore.

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