Hiccups: A Free Flow Write Short story

“Hiccups! I hate them. I always have.”

“Don’t worry my love. They will soon pass.” Martin patted his bride’s arm and reached again for the oars. They would soon be on land which was  a very good thing.

Not only was Martin’s blushing bride red of face because of sun exposure, but she was also over baked from far too many glasses of champagne. He smiled at her and shook his head as another hiccup escaped her pouting lips followed by a moan.

“Darling, I promise this will all be over soon. You will be solidly planted on ground and right as rain.” Well she would probably need a nap which meant the honeymoon suite and all its promised adventure would probably have to be postponed–

Lily suddenly bolted forward, her face washing in a pea soup green before her head slung over the edge of the boat. Martin stopped the oars, and watched helplessly as Lily wiped her mouth and sunk back down in her place with a less than attractive belch.

Resuming his rowing, Martin also continued his thoughts. The honeymoon suite and all its promised adventure would have to be postponed indefinitely.

By the time they reached land and Lily, even with the help of Martin’s strong arms, managed to toddle up the grassy slop towards the paved walk way, the sun had dipped behind, thick ominous clouds with the threats of rain, threats that they surely made good on.

Martin quickly pulled his jacket and hung it as a canopy over his bride’s head. A sinking feeling assaulted his belly. He did so want their first day as man and wife to be special, and it had started out that way, but with the alcohol, the turning over of guts, and now the rain, Martin was beginning to think that his hopes were in vain.

“I am sorry about the rain, my dear…and the champagne…and your stomach,” He looked at her overly rosy cheeks. “And your sunburn.”

Lily blinked deeply under the shadow of Martin’s coat, having still not made a move for better cover. Her eyes wondered to his nose as a drop of rain slid down its slop and fell to the ground.

Lily erupted with laughter, unable to resist the urge to flick the next drop away with her fingers. Martin sneezed. Allowing him to daze in his confusion, Lily broke away from the cover of his coat and twirled in the rain. Blonde curls that had once sprang with fantastic spring, plastered limply to the side of her smiling face.

She giggled all the more before falling dizzily in the muddy grass. Martin rushed to her side, Lily pulled him down beside her, wrapping her arms around his neck she said, “Don’t worry my love. This too will pass soon.”


I have  had a lot of irons in the fire so to speak, and as a result I have neglected my freeflow/ stream of consciousness writings. I almost nearly forewent writing this one, but I am glad I made myself press forward. 

New week. New mercies. New hope. New adventures!


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