Entering the 7/7/7 Challenge!

I am very excited to have been selected for the 7/7/7 challenge! Thank you E. Rawls for selecting me πŸ™‚ I also recommend that you check out E’s fantastic blog, filled with wonderful stories and inspiration, by clicking HERE!

So what is the 7/7/7 challenge? It is where you share a snippet from one of your recent WIP (Works In Progress.)

The rules are simple:

  • Go to page 7 of your WIP (Or an older work that you have done and just love…I added this part πŸ˜‰ )
  • Scroll down to line 7
  • Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
  • After the excerpt tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.

Here is my selection from my manuscript called Nexus Gate 4037: The AnimalΒ 

One last kiss. Β Those were John’s last words to her, his last gesture before he disappeared within the Nexus. The words were drumming in her head, smothering her with the thick humid air that pushed at her. Tears blurred her eyes and her knee length white tunic tangled in between her legs. She fell hard. The impact jarred her joints and grass stains smeared the fabrics, but she pushed on.

One minute.

She ran even faster, slowly picking up momentum, hardly catching her breath. How had he gotten lost?”

This story is a 3 part series with a 4th stand alone follow-up novel. I am currently in Second Draft mode for Book 1: The Animal, with maybe a third of Book 2 written and patches of book 3 jotted down. Even the fourth novel has parts saved on file here and there. This story is a Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller.

Below are my Nominees for this challenge:

Do yourself a favor, check out each of these AMAZING blogs, and follow them!



38 thoughts on “Entering the 7/7/7 Challenge!

      1. Yes indeed! She totally made the first chapter of Nexus Gate 100x’s better than what it was. What she noticed, I totally missed. Such a beautiful brain πŸ˜€

    1. Hello Caroline! Thank you for the follow and the comment. They are very much appreciated! No I am not published yet. I was once published in an anthology years ago but I don’t count that πŸ˜‰ I am finally at a place in my life where I can really focus on the craft and polish my works up for publication. πŸ™‚

      1. No problem πŸ™‚ that’s great well I’m sure you’ll get there eventually. It’s such a long process I’m also currently editing reediting and re-reediting haha πŸ™‚

      2. LOL that reediting bit is where all the TIME goes in. I think telling the story is the easy part (for most stories that is. My blog novel has been a bit of a pickle in that regard) but editing and cutting and reworking is the hard part. A fellow blogger has read one of my manuscripts and given feedback as a writer/reader for me to work with. She is currently working on Nexus Gate. Her input has been nothing short of a treasure!

      3. Oops sent that mid-type haha. I didn’t realise the time and effort it takes to edit and now I see that writing the story is the easy bit like you say! It’s fantastic to have someone to bounce your work off of I also work closely with a couple of fellow authors and their input is priceless πŸ™‚

      4. Maybe around 8 years ago I started querying one of my finished works. I got one of the greatest rejection letters an author could hope for (Funny that) I kind of put that manuscript on the shelf as newer stories began to crop up in my imagination, but I am eventually going to go back to that novel since it was the first ever that I wrote. For now I need to focus on finishing my second draft of my blog novel and then I will self publish as an ebook. Plans Plans Plans!

      5. Ooo what was the rejection letter like?
        It’s great to have so much on the go though! The good thing about self publishing is that once it’s out there it can only ever increase in popularity and sales it can never just be taken out of publication like it cam tradiationally. Obviously getting an agent would be amazing but there are so many positives to self publishing too I can’t wait to get my books out on kindle!
        Do you stick to a genre or do you write across several?

      6. First the rejection letter. It came from the VP of Writers House. She personally wrote me and said that she was torn as she only represents a few writers a year and tho she loved my concept she didn’t feel like she loved it enough to fight for it in a way that it would get the highest bid possible. So it was bittersweet to that end. But very encouraging to know she was torn. Also her assistant encouraged me to break the book into a series which was the BEST advice for that story, hence why it has been so many years and it is still not on the market. The more I read up on, and talk to other authors who have self published the more I am leaning towards that avenue of publication. We create art so that the world can have access to it. Yes we want to get the most $ that we can as we do have needs but we also don’t want to deprive our readers. As far as genre, I am definitely a cross genre kind of girl. I would say my main genre is Sci Fi but I do write fantasy and I am challenging myself to write contemporary romance…where no one dies within the first few pages lol

      7. Oooo that’s tough but such a good response to get a personal message like that!

        Yeah that’s how I feel. I just want readers that love my stories like I do money would just be a bonus. Ah cool I mainly write fantasy but I have some sci fi ideas I want to explore too.
        Haha sounds good!

      8. πŸ™‚ I like to be challenged and writing romance is a challenge. I have gotten great feedback on some of my short stories here tho, so that is encouraging. I think if there were a genre I have no interest in touching at all it would be historical fiction…no thanks! LOL I am really glad we have made contact. Your conversation and blog have really ignited a desire to keep pressing forward towards my greater goal. Thanks for that!

      9. Haha yeah omg historical fiction would be a serious chore! I think, like you, if I were to go beyond fantasy and sci fi it would be romance also! That’s so good I will defo check out some of your short stories πŸ™‚

        Aww that’s great to hear I’m so glad you feel that way I do too that’s what’s so great about blogging you get such amazing support and encouragement! We’ll definately have to keep in touch!

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