The Sickle: Freewriting Short Story #Blogbattle Week 16

Blogbattle Tuesday is here again! The keyword for this week is "Spaghetti." To read more entries, please click HERE


The way the spinal nerves poured from the wound he sliced in her back, reminded him of spaghetti noodles. He quickly scanned the strand he needed, and with his Sickle detached the nerve and placed it safely in transportation container.

The woman recoiled against the strange sensation that resonated throughout every cell in her body. This could have gone much easier, Clovis thought to himself. She could have been asleep, slept until she woke up in death, never being the wiser as to what had just happened to her.

But this one, she was a fighter. The wilder women generally were.

“Status, Clovis?” The voice from Empire echoed between Clovis’ ears.

Clovis grimaced, his eyes locking with those of the frightened woman, fear rising from her gaze like smoke. With a swift flick of his wrist, his Sickle cut through her neck, sending her beyond the veil of death. No blood poured forth from her wounds, only oil.

This was the work of the Sickle. Blood was too precious to be wasted in death. They needed the blood. The fate of the human race depended upon every drop.

Standing straighter he answered with a sigh. “Sample obtained. Subject removed from Hydra Colony. Agent ready for extraction.”

Pressing his eyes together against the swirling dust, Clovis scanned the horizon of the Hydra Colony. It was only a matter of moments, maybe hours, before several wild women, just like the one at his feet, would emerge from the dust.

The last thing Clovis wanted was to be there when they were born.

The Sickle  was already filled with one subjects blood. It would not be able to hold much more. Should the others be born or emerge from their hiding places while he was still there, they would attack. Clovis would have no choice but to kill them, all of them, and their blood would be shed, seeping into the ground.

He glanced down at the dust at his feet. The ground would not take the blood in silence. It would bare a different breed of subject should it drink of the liquid red that coursed through the veins of the women of Hydra.

Clovis shudder at the thought and repeated his response to Empire. Within seconds, the container holding the single strand of nerve endings was removed from Hydra Colony.

Clovis stood and waited, bracing himself for the jarring split and reformation of atoms that enabled him to go from one colony to another within seconds.

Thirty seconds past…then a minute. Nothing happened. Opening his eyes he clenched his jaw. Something was wrong. The dust at his feet began to sift and sway, sucking in the body of his test subject. The gestation process was already beginning.

Not good.

Swallowing down the tension that was tickling the back of his neck like a noose, Clovis made another attempt at Empire. “Agent ready for extraction.” His voice was hard. Silence met him on the other end before he received his response, his blood grew cold with every carefully stated word.

“Sample received. Sample viable. Agent retired. Extraction denied.”

A painful sound rippled between his ears, forcing him down to his knees. Grabbing at his head, the Sickle slipped from his grasp and landed hard in the dust. It was the sizzling sound of the dust swirling with the moan of the blood that dripped from Clovis’s noise that snapped him back into focus.

With desperate hands he snatched up the Sickle and scrambled to his feet. He gripped the Sickle with straining knuckles and brushed the blood away from his nose, soaking it up with the fabric of his uniform, careful not to spill another drop. There was no telling what the consequences would be from the earth devouring what had spilled from his nose already.

Clovis would certainly find that out later what would come of it, and he had Empire to thank for that. But for now, he had one thing on his mind and that was running for cover.

The re birthing process of his subject was just about finished and the sounds of other women hidden beyond the horizon had already begun to ring out around him.


For Part 2 “The Drop” Click HERE

I don’t know what I ate but clearly my meals have taken me in a different direction. The last couple of weeks had been all laced with love…this week we find ourselves dancing with Suspense. And poor Clovis. I know, you are probably thinking he is about to get what he deserves. Alas you can’t see into my imagination so you don’t know the whole story. 

What I see is that Clovis is or was apart of an effort to restore humanity. The Hydra colony was like the giant lab. Obviously Empire has what they want which means they have no need for Agents like Clovis…what will become of him? Honestly I think Clovis is made of much tougher stuff and the Empire ought to be afraid…very afraid. 

I hope you enjoyed reading!



24 thoughts on “The Sickle: Freewriting Short Story #Blogbattle Week 16

    1. It was a huge shift! But one must follow their muse 😉 I am glad you liked it. I did put in a touch of romance with my Monday’s Muse results called Happy and Blessed so I kinda got back in “line” that way lol

    1. I am glad I was not the only person who felt that this piece was creepy. I already see the direction the story could potentially go. I don’t know when I would ever get the chance to write it but I am open to doing so. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Yes it was a far cry from all the warm love and what not I had been producing lately. But I think Clovis has an interesting story to tell. From my view, this little tidbit kinda had him looking like the villain, which he is not…at least from what I can see he is not. Glad you liked it!

  1. Okay Candice this is/was a super creepy read I am reading this at 2300hrs my time, with the only light in here the glow of the laptop, grippingly intense…..
    and spinal nerves looking like spaghetti dun dun dunnn *goosebumps* from the first line

    if I was the empire I would be afraid very afraid

    1. lol I wonder were you the type of child growing up who told other people scary stories only to scare yourself before the tale was completely told. One of my older sisters and one of her sons are that type. HAHA! I intend to make this story a full length novel, hence why I stopped writing it for the Blogbattles after 4 installments. I am glad you found it entertaining. 😀

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