Comes With Words: A Poem

I am more than willing to talk

If you have ears to listen

Speak until the need to stop

And pray I have lent you wisdom

Glory is for above

But the truth is in need to be given

For aimless lives that move forward

Are surely not compatible with the driven

Take heed to what lies ahead

Pay attention to the cadence

The sounding of the drums of warring

If ignored will soundtrack your last glimpse

There is a time to play

But that timing comes to its ending

The purpose of our youth

Is revealed in adulthood’s pending

But it comes with the learning of words…

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11 thoughts on “Comes With Words: A Poem

    1. Thank you! 😀 Honestly I have been feeling kind of wonky lately (as I said in the email) I found out last night, after writing a bit to one of my contemporary romances, that it was a matter of me being creatively bottle-necked. I need to be more focused with free writing to prevent this…sigh.

      1. I have been feeling wonky but due to life getting in the way of creative stuff. I have been quite snappy and I know why, it’s a creative bottle neck inside me, if I don’t do creative stuff I start to go insane. Totally relate to your wonky feeling. Just reading chapter 5 now 🙂

      2. Maybe we should pen the worlds greatest “writers’ guide to sanity” book. We could possible make millions! I mean we have it all figured out even though we don’t necessarily follow our own advice…that could be a chapter “Following ones own sage advice: A how to guide for the modern writer”

      3. Sooo basically I might end up crazier than I already am? LOL this could be a good thing. I shall read it as soon as I am done pounding out my blogbattle entry…I almost bowed out this week.

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