Tea and Lace: Short story #BlogBattle Week 15

Blog Battle time! It is Tuesday and the writing has begun. This week’s word is RAGE. To read more entries and to cast your vote on your favorite 2, please follow the link to Rachael Ritchey’s amazing blog, by clicking HERE!

Little Lace Gloves

“Maura, darling you must come to Town’s End this Saturday! I hear its going to be all the rage!” Lissie reached forward and patted Maura’s hand before picking up her tea cup and giddily bringing it to her lips. file0001491230296

A splash of dark almond tea slipped over the lip of the cup and spread its stain upon her lace glove. Lissie frowned. “Mother is going to murder me, that spot will never come out.” She placed her cup down and whipped off the glove, tossing it on the floor with a deviously satisfied smile.

Broderick, her interim butler let out a sigh. Rolling his deep set brown eyes, he scooped up the discarded glove and took his place back by the wall.

He appeared so gallant at Lissie’s side, like a knight in need of a princess.

Maura spared him a glance as Lissie’s chipper chatter faded into the background, her lips moving a mile a minute. Broderick continued to stare forward, but Maura could tell he felt her eyes upon him. The sudden set in his square jaw made that evident.

Pride. He was chewing on his pride the way a hound took to bone and leather. He wanted her to look away from him, but Maura just couldn’t bring herself to. The way the sunlight glowed around him through the sheer currents, bathing his tall frame with a halo of golden light, made Maura’s stomach flutter.

Broderick was like an angel.

Not really. His less than heavenly antics had won him his stent as Butler-errant. What had his parents and the other Centertons of Aldington Heights decided as punishment for one of the most unruly of the Blue-Scarlett class? That Harper-Broderick Blue-Scarlett would spend the next half a year acting as a butler for hire, to prove he had learned what it meant to be humble.

Maura doubted he had really learned a thing. She reckoned he was just silently biding his time, holding his tongue even while others of the Blue-Scarlett class, like Wolver-Lissane Blue Scarlett gave him a hard time.

Thinking back on some of the pranks Broderick had pulled on Lissie, Maura could hardly blame her.

Broderick let out a puff of air from flared nostrils and turned his dark eyes on Maura. A flash of sunlight cut through them and made them illuminate in the most charming of ways.

How may I be of service, Ms. Tittleton-Maura?” The way Broderick cut through her name, made Maura’s mouth go dry. Embarrassed, she lifted her tea cup to her lips and completely missed her mouth.

She let out a shocked gasp as heat not only warmed her lap but her cheeks as well. Lissie called out her name while Broderick tilted his head back and released an annoyed sigh. “When will it end?” He mumbled under his breath.

“Oh, Maura your dress is ruined!” Lissie whined as she stood gawking at the dark liquid stain. Her face suddenly turned to a condemning scowl when Broderick’s large shadow fell upon them.

“Let me,” He said, kneeling down with a hand full of napkins, aimed for Maura’s lap.

Lissie snatched them from his hands. “Inappropriate, Haper-Broderick Blue-Scarlett, and you know it!”She tossed the napkins in Maura’s direction, hitting her square in the face with them before they landed in her lap. Lissie hadn’t noticed. She never really noticed much with Broderick around.

Can it, Lissie! I was only helping her!”

“Helping?! You are the worst help! Goodness all butler’s know you they are not allowed to touch a lady without permission, and you were just going to jump right into her lap!”

Broderick loosened the cravat at his throat and stared down at his smaller opponent. “Hence why I am not a butler! But then, I wonder if you would rather I had jumped in your lap instead?”

“Don’t flatter yourself, clown! And not being a butler? Thank God for small miracles!” Lissie rolled her eyes as the grandmother clock on her shelf ticked the new hour in.

“Thank God indeed! My prison term with the Wolver-Blue-Scarletts has officially ended.”  He gave her a devilish smile, took her tiny, brown hand in his and dropped the crumpled lace glove in her palm. “I have had my fair share of ruined lace. And staring at that bird’s nest you call a hairstyle. I wonder if you have ever met a comb or a brush. Good day.”

Lissie’s dark eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. Maura could only shake her head as she shook the fabric of her dress. As much as she admired Broderick she knew there was no hope for her. He had eyes for someone else, and that someone else for him. Maura wondered if either of them knew it at all.

“Oh we are far from ended!” Lissie shouted with her battling fist in the air.  “We are only just beginning!” Lissie growled clearly upset over her hair. She could never quite tame it. Being called out on it hit a nerve. “You are to be at the Tittleton-Blue-Scarlett’s this evening. I have been invited there for dinner.” She closed the gap between them.

“And I have a whole lot more of these gloves meant for the floor. I wonder who will be scrapping them up. Now, good day!” She jutted her tiny chin in the air and spun so quickly that the fullness of her long, think wiry hairs slapped Broderick across the face. With that she left out of her tearoom without even saying goodbye to Maura. She was definitely upset although she pretended otherwise.

Maura watched Broderick’s face go from an exasperated scowl to a smile he tried hard to fight. Yes, he was smitten with the wild haired raven, Wolver-Lissane Blue-Scarlett. The two just needed help realizing it.

Maura smiled. She was just the one to help them. She was such the romantic.


Made it just under 1000 words! One of my favorite things about free flow writing and even themed writing, as this was, are the surprises that come forth. This story was such a surprise as the characters of this story are the parents of another character I have invented called Harper-Evelyn Blue-Scarlett. And she is trouble. With the bits of her tale that I have already written I can say I only knew very little about her parents, but today I have come to meet them AND got an entire story idea out of it. 

Just a quick explination of things: Aldington Heights is a floating continent, that is man’s invention…the Harper-Blue-Scarletts to be exact. There are classes of people who live there, Blue-Scarletts (Blue bloods but they thought blue bloods was too harsh) The Silver-Beaus, Dandies and Lovies. Lovies are the working class people who marry for love. Dandies are upper middle class and the the BS and SB’s are the wealthiest of the wealthy. Centerton’s are the political leaders of Alidington who hold court at the center of the Continent. 

Thanks for reading along!


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20 thoughts on “Tea and Lace: Short story #BlogBattle Week 15

    1. 🙂 This story took a turn for me. At first I thought Maura was his future love interest and then she was like “No, honey pay attention. I am like cupid here!” Thanks loads!

    1. 😀 What I see in my head isn’t boring either. I don’t know when I will have the moment to write it though. I don’t want to through too many irons in the fire. I figure juggling 3 to 4 stories at a time is quite enough 😉

    1. 😀 I am glad you enjoyed it and liked her! I think she is going to be a bit of a naughty one that no one realizes how naughty she is because she is so quaint. But she means well 😉

      1. I will take it! I have always enjoyed that quote. I think I will do a bit of writing on this story today since a scene is playing in my head. Not sure how far it will go but I have to get it out. You know how it is.

  1. A floating continent? I love stories like that! This is a must read!! I know you have tons of other writing projects at the moment though, lol, but I do hope to see more of this world! Even if it ends up only being for the BlogBattle. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have typing down what has been popping in my head for this story. As I mentioned it is the prequel to another story. The floating continent is an invention made by the Harper Blue Scarletts, Broderick’s family. They are VERY wealthy. I am glad you liked it and have shown a genuine interest in reading more. 😀

  2. This sounds like an interesting world. A floating continent, what a wonderful idea. 🙂 I too love how random stores can become. Things can hit you totally out of the blue and you end up going in directions you never dreamed of. One of the reasons I love writing and creating worlds. 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed this. Great characters. Maura seemed to have a bit of a quiet presence compared to Lissie. It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for 😉 Look forward to reading more. ❤

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