Ascension Graveyard: Blog Novel Update

…And all is right with the world…okay maybe not the world, but my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard happens to be doing really well, and THAT makes my soul sing!

I am fiddling with cover ideas...this is my recent attempt.
I am fiddling with cover ideas…this is my recent attempt.

After a year of hard work, 130k plus words (almost half of which will be discarded) I am finally, and I mean FINALLY at a good place.

Almost three weeks ago, I made the hard decision to go back to the beginning and start doing the Second Draft/Revisions, even before writing the book in its entirety. It was a very difficult choice for me to make as I don’t like starting over.

Anyhow…wait a minute, I am noticing  a pattern that has nothing to do with this post and that is the first word of each new paragraph of this post, begins with the letter “A.”

Anyhow (SEE?!) I digress.

SO HOW ARE THINGS GOING WITH THE STARTING OVER? Things are going brilliantly! A.D Everard the amazing blogger and author of, took the time to read through all 44 chapters and prologue that I have currently (soon to remove) on the blog.

Her read through and feedback really has helped me see my mistakes in the plot.

The great thing about her feedback was that she not only reinforced the concerns for specific changes that I felt needed to take place in order to make the novel stronger, but she made me fall in love with my work in a way I had not formally loved it.

So thank you A. D Everard, and please, visit her blog and take a look at her novels the Khekarian Series.

WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON? With all this new found love with the novel, new characters began to pop out of the woodwork, making what was a good plot into a potentially great plot. There is now better cohesion, more conflict and more drive.

I think you will be pleased with these changes.

ANYTHING ELSE? Yes, actually. I plan to trim the drop menu for Ascension Graveyard in the main menu. BUT what I will do is attempt to create a single page or Table of Contents, that will allow you the same level of ease in accessing each new chapter as they are reloaded onto the blog.

ANY REQUEST? YES! Would you all be little darlings and LEAVE FEEDBACK as you read the novel? PLEASE? Feedback helps a great deal. It its priceless! So, even if its just a few short words like, “That was confusing.” Or “Maybe you should consider…” I would be ever grateful. 

So that is what’s happening over here. I hope to have the new Table of Contents up Today or Tomorrow, depending on how editing and revisions go this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping in and CHEERS TO YOU ALL!

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8 thoughts on “Ascension Graveyard: Blog Novel Update

    1. 😀 thank you so much! It is such a blessing to hear that since this story has given me such a hard time, but now I truly see light at he end of the tunnel and a first/second draft that will have even greater potential. 😀

    1. Me too! I have edited the prologue and the first three chapters and reposted them. I see the story going in a different direction and that can be hard, having to divorce ones self from what they already have written. Alas one must do what one must do. But you understand that.

      1. Ah yes, that is a difficult choice to make. Maybe try to keep the key elements of the story though as you’re editing; you wouldn’t want everything to change completely. 🙂

      2. I don’t think everything will change but a great deal will as I feel I was just typing words for a while just to say “Hey I put in 1500 words today, see?” And even though they are “decent” words, they are utterly wasted. Soooo snip snip we go!

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