Kiss The Girl: #Blogbattle, Short Story Week 14

Welcome to another Blogbattle Tuesday! This week’s keyword is “Frog.” To read more entries follow the link to Rachael Ritchey’s amazing blog by clicking HERE!

Kiss the Girl

Yep. It was official, he was going to marry that girl. He had stolen kisses from several of them in his stretch of years, from toddler to teen, but none of them had been quite as magical as this. Especially since now he was a full grown adult.

He cocked a brow and considered that, recalling to memory some of the other young women he had stolen a bit of sweet sugar from when they had least expected. Lilly Anderson was the third girl, he might have been nine. The kiss was well…, meh. He assumed it would have been better being that she was older at the mature age of 12.

Then there was Alice Rhinehart. They were 13 a piece, and really he couldn’t say he had stolen that kiss because she had seen it coming, and had even wetted her lips and rolled her eyes closed in anticipation. By the time he realized what was about to happen, it was too late. The horses had already broken out of the gate and had dived right into that wet pucker.

He grimaced thinking about it. Gosh he wished it hadn’t have happened.

His sister had chastised him with a sharp rebuke, “Serves you right! Stop harassing my friends, you dirty little brat!”

He smiled. Time and teenage growth had treated him well and the sweet sugar from his older sister’s friends had shifted from being less contraband and more gifts tossed at him like wreaths at a Mardi Gras parade! He was quite handsome, he applauded himself as if he had anything to do with his looks. Sliding into his 20’s had only done him more good to that end.

He leaned back and chewed back the burn in his arm. The muscle was still screaming where Tam Crawford had gotten him, and he hadn’t even seen it coming, seen either of them coming.

He chuckled. He was going to have to marry her. She was his first kiss after all. Four years old was an early start for any career including practicing his lip action, but it had won him Tam’s tears back then and a face full of mulch.

He considered it a good start to things.

Twenty years later, the stolen kiss he acquired from her full lips while she sat on his back deck, visiting with her parents and his had gotten him a frog in the arm, that nice hard knuckle that caused the meat to rise up and spin in a delirious circle of pain before sinking beneath the skin with fire radiating outward, and the promise of a nice bruise.

Their parents were still so caught up in their conversation that they had not even noticed his boyish antics, Tam’s quick and painful retaliation, nor the kiss she planted on his lips right afterward, cupping his face in her hands, drawing heat to rise up his neck. His head had even begun to swim.

She smiled and winked, knowing she had embarrassed him. He had gasped after all with wide chocolate eyes and tried lips now shaped in an ‘o.’

Before she and her parents left she pulled him into a photo with her via her cell phone and told him to call her, and he had. If his phone hadn’t threatened to die, after nearly four hours of chat, he would have still be talking.

Yep. It was official…he was going to marry that girl.


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22 thoughts on “Kiss The Girl: #Blogbattle, Short Story Week 14

  1. I remember I got started much the same as your protagonist, way back in the early years. By ten, I had a full-fledged girlfriend.
    Thanks for the entertainment! 😀
    — John

  2. 🙂 One of those feel good stories!! Had a smile on my face the whole time!! Liked that the Casanova met his match in the end…in the best possible way. I think you are on your way to being a romance novelist. 😉

      1. Variety, I can dig that 100% But see, my practicing of romantic musings are strengthening my skills for a novel focused solely on increasing the sales of electric fans. I wonder if I can get a specific brand to sponsor me….something to look into I think.

    1. 🙂 I was feeling awfully romantic this week lol And even though I let my imagination dictate what will be written I was very pleased that it deviated from its usually science fiction or fantasy path. Although I just dreamed up a pretty crazy sci fi story that I had to make haste and pen down so that I would not forget it. Tis in my blood, sci fi. Thanks again for reading!

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