The Wall: A Free Flow Write Short Story


She gently feathered her fingers against her full lips, recalling his kiss again. The sweetness of it had been so heady that she now absentmindedly played against her mouth as if her touch would rekindle the sensation.

Her first kiss.

Pulling her fingers away, and drawing in those suddenly lonely lips, Everdean let out a sigh so wrought with longing that she was certain she could have made every flower in her mother’s rose garden wilt.

It was all truly absurd, she had to admit to her self. Wenton Iveprow had never been a candidate for her affections, never. And she was certain that she, of all the eligible darlings of Oakvereaton, was not to be listed upon his calling card.

Neighbors. They had always been neighbors, and certainly not the fondest of such. The term was even too intimate to describe their dealings. Their encounters were as sudden and overbearing as weeds that sprang up over night.

Things had grown so foul between them that their fathers decided it was best they erect a wall between their properties, “Best to keep the peace,” Everdean’s father had said,  “And to make it harder for war,” Wenton’s father had added.

It was only recently that the door had been added, and that only because of happenings far more tragic than Wenton and his weeds. With a gust of the wind the joints in Everdean’s broken leg began to ache and her shifting upon her wheeled chair let out a moan that matched that of her lips.

She pressed her eyes together and curled the toes of her propped leg, grateful that she could finally manage such a task. After her run in with the horse no one had thought she would ever walk again, it was the cost of her heroics,  never mind that Wenton would come calling on her and even kiss her.

A swarm of butterflies danced within her belly as a scent so close to grapes waft through the cut face of the door in the wall, the lovely purple heads danced from their stems propped up by bronze, masculine fingers.

He breath caught. He had come back so soon, and oh how sent a ripple of joy through her that no one else had managed. Catching Wenton’s chocolate brown eyes with the lovely flecks of caramel, flicker with light as he smiled, only made her smile in turn.

Gazing upon his lips, she couldn’t help but touch her own again as he came beyond the door of the wall.


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15 thoughts on “The Wall: A Free Flow Write Short Story

      1. That REALLY makes me happy to know you enjoyed it so very much! I hope the improvements (giving more of Lyrice’s story, showing and not telling in scenes etc) will make it far stronger than it is. I have to say out of all the stories I have written thus far, Warden is my most favorite. Two things, do you still feel the same about the title? And what do you think about this story? I am considering making it a full length novel or even a series:

      2. The title needs to change. It’s a story which has stayed in my mind which is a credit to you! I can’t stop thinking about Maeve and Smoothie. I want to read it again – LOL!!

      3. That really encourages me to polish it up even more and start querying it with publishers! I Smoothie was a rotten old lady, bratty. But I am glad she made an impression 😀 And you are supposed to be brainstorming some other options for the title!

      4. Hmmmmm yes we need to sort out the title. I get ‘Warden’ now I have read it but it wouldn’t make me pull it off shelves with that title

      5. I can see that being a BIG problem. Titles are difficult business. Sometimes you come up with something that is just perfect and then you don’t. I wager we have time to work it out 🙂

    1. 😀 Your romantic tale from a couple weeks ago was very inspiring. And relatable sweetness was a good change to fantasy and sci fi, although I love those two with all my heart. thank you!

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