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Overestimating Them: A Quote

We fail to do things because we pysch ourselves out by overestimating the competition.” ~Timothy Ferriss

I read that quote a number of years ago when I was reading the book (and it is a good book, by the way) called, “The 4-hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss.

Although the author was speaking about production, creating a sell-able product in the business world, the truth of that statement encompasses just about everything in life.

  • Guy doesn’t ask out Girl because another Guy is around who he thinks has more to offer than him.Race
  • Girl doesn’t apply for job because she thinks someone else will be more qualified
  • Couple doesn’t put an offer in on the home because they think the competition will bring in a better offer, so why bother

I could go on and on, but I won’t. I will just throw this one down and move to the point: We fail to write that novel, share that poem, paint that canvas because we are afraid someone else will have done a better job than we have!

We give others far more credit than they deserve when in reality most people are just as insecure as you are.

The reality is nobody, and I mean NOBODY can do your “thing” like you do your “thing.” You are unique and your expression is unique. The way you tell the story or sing the song, or even roast that chicken is unique and special to you.

The only person in the race against you for the “gold” is you; the “triumphant you” versus the “discouraging you”. Which “you” are you going to let take home the prize?


Man Widget


    • I mean I had to encourage myself after feeling less than worthy being that I can only take a simple shower. No bath with vanilla and candles for me. I mean just feeling inadequate. And I had to say “Candice, you stop that! Showers are just as good.”

      • Lol! I was feeling glum about my writing, only managed 342 words, so needed to cheer myself up. Lounge in bath with a candle or two and read your draft!

      • But I bet those 342 words are clever gems! I understand those moments all to well. But sometimes, we do need to just be still when it comes to our stories. I have been conversing with another wonderful blogger and writer about this. Its tough business, letting the “meat” rest under foil before we cut into again, but it is necessary and for our stories good. Also our sanity.

      • My goodness you are busy conversing with so many wonderful bloggers and writers!

        Will miss your draft when it’s finished 🙂

      • That was like a HUG, that comment. One day, when Warden is published I shall have to send you a copy. And then when the other stories connected to it (especially the one where you get to be a Warden is written) I will have to send you those as well. 😉 Thanks again for reading it. That story is so precious to me being that it was written is such a short period of time. It was like a mile stone in my writing development.

      • Well yes! Maybe we should have you sign the copies that have your character in them. It will make people feel like they are getting a two for one kind of deal.

      • Quick question – should it be called ‘Warden’? I disagree. This story needs a bigger name

      • I honestly have been thinking about that and I don’t have a clue as what else to call it. I am open for suggestions you know.

      • Hahaha! thank you for that last bit! I was like “choose another name?! well throw some at me!” But now having the confidence that you will brainstorm I am all better. What is it about its current title that doesn’t fit for you?

      • You have produced something AMAZING – Warden doesn’t do the AMAZiNG bit any justice.

      • Well, I will take that and run with it and but myself to thinking about a more appropriate title. My brain is stuck at the moment. But I figure between now and revisions, we should have come up with something.

      • in the meantime, I am going to go and take a candle-less, vanilla-less, but oh so amazing shower! WOOHOOO! 😀

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