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Sweet Tuna!: Random Thoughts at 3am


Its almost 3 in the morning and my window fan is blowing and yet the air that is coming in smells like tuna fish and soggy white bread…what gives?

This would almost ruin my mood, as it has kept my face in a scowl, but my mood is NOT ruined…though again my face says otherwise. First, I like tuna fish sandwiches. And second, I have had a very creatively awesome day.

I did post my Monday’s Muse results a day early, which isn’t really a bad thing. It was actually a good thing because now I have that block of time to do something else with tomorrow (or…today.)

Also, I am in the home stretch of a commissioned painting which is finally looking lovely. Artists are our own worst critics.

I have to say that I feel like I have been blessed to make some very expressive eyes. So I am happy about that bit too.

So, I suppose it is okay that I will be sleeping with the sent of soggy tuna sandwiches tonight. It could be a lot worse.


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    • Not a fan of the tuna?! 😀 I think you are in good company with many! and WOOT! I can’t wait to read your response AND answer your questions.

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