Asaph Timby: A Drawing

Original Colored Pencil Drawing done with Prismacolor 2015
Original Colored Pencil Drawing done with Prismacolor 2015

Asaph Timby is a fictional character who I have been thinking about for at least two years. I have yet to write his story, but I have thought about him often, his four children and his love interest.

For me, a big part of my writing process is to have a face to go with each character. I generally look for images of people who resemble the characters that I am imaging. Asaph unfortunately has such a hard lined masculine face (I mean he just looks like “man” for lack of a better description.) so it was kind of hard to place him until the other day.

Although Asaph is a Black man, the closest face to his is that of model, David Gandy. I would say he has charisma but he is not pretty. Ruggedly handsome, definitely.

This is my interpretation of the character yet to fully be born. I plan to do a face forward illustration soon.



4 thoughts on “Asaph Timby: A Drawing

  1. Love your art, a terrific drawing.
    Yes, for longer stories it helps when I have a clear picture of the character(s) in my stories as well.
    I’m itching to find a replica of one I have had going around in my head… o_O

    1. Thank you! I have only since I started this blog, begun to draw again. I was rusty in the beginning but I feel my barrings getting back in order. Asaph is actually my favorite drawing thus far. Maybe because I have both captured his rugged face while also strengthening my artist’s eye and hand. I don’t know, but I do know that I am pleased. I am going to attempt a front face drawing of him this evening. On finding your character, have you looked at all at Pinterest?

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