The Nursery Part III: Miracle Room #Blogbattle, Short Story

Tuesday is upon us again, and with it the Blog battle! This week’s key word is “News.” To read more entries for the blog battle, click HERE and visit Rachael Ritchey’s blog. To read previous entries of the Nursery, click HERE for part 1, and HERE for part 2.



“News flash!” Harriet’s voice oozed from her sloppy lips with a wet gurgle. With all of the jelly-like blubber that had swollen around her, Harriet had clearly taken on a great deal of water. “You haven’t won yet, you filthy little seedling!”

Harriet’s body shook like a gelatin mold, spreading outward, blocking the entrance of the Miracles Room. And it was definitely the Miracles Room. There was a sign pointed towards it, just like Ivory had said there would be, with a red arrow pointing down towards its entrance.

Obviously, none of the Tillers had seen a use for such a thing as a Miracle. The sign was warn, and the door frame was ragged from years of neglect, neglect that had nothing to do with the nightmarish binary code Laila Tov’s team had looped into the Cerebral Helix of B.U.N.

The neglect of the Miracle’s Room had everything to do with a false sense of security, and the misplaced idea of having no need for hope.13848907148aorc

The Tillers believed they were in totally control. Even Harriet, the last of the Tillers in B.U.N, even in her sloppy state could not recognize her own need of a miracle…a giant sized miracle.

Elias shot his gaze at the sign again as Harriet’s girth pressed stronger against the door. Hope seemed to leach from his face along with time. There was only another 15 minutes before the last rescue team would swing past B.U.N, hopefully to recovery Laila Tov and the others who had been trapped in Catatose.

Harriet pressed even further in Elias’ path, or maybe she was growing, growing against her will. Her swollen, puckered face suddenly blended with the rest of her mass as her tiny arms flapped with resistance before disappearing into her girth as well.

Silence swept through the hall. Harriet’s own nightmare had eaten her alive, but what was left of her was still blocking Elias’ path. He took a step forward, desperation biting at his heels, only to stumble back as Harriet’s mass trembled at his closeness.

“I won’t leave you, Laila Tov. I have no home without you.” His voice cracked. He had no idea how to wake her, or them. He had no idea how to move Harriet. He truly needed a miracle.

Looking upward with glassy, dark eyes, the dingy sign caught his attention again, as did the red arrow that he was certain was pointing downward right before Harriet appeared. Now it was pointing to the right.

His gaze followed the arrow’s lead and right before him was another doorway, except it wasn’t  a doorway at all. It was a mirror. Again Elias stepped back, his reflection however remained still, as bright orbs of light spelled out a message, “You are the miracle, Elias. There is always room for miracles. Do you believe?”

Elias rubbed his eyes, brushing away the feather-like tickle that the orbs had played upon them, and then gave a firm nod yes. “Yes, I believe!” He shouted, giddy with the renewed hope that had taken root inside him.

His reflection suddenly smiled brightly. The lights spelled again. “What do you believe? What do you dream?”

Elias bit his lip and stepped closer to the Miracle mirror. He had never thought to use his dreams for his own good or the good of others. The Tiller’s had always misused them. But now…

“I believe that Laila Tov can wake up, and so can the others,” With a chin nudge from his reflection he made himself more specific. “I believe she is waking up now and so are the others. I believe that she is safe, that we are safe and that Cerebral Helix will never harm us again. I believe that the world is healing itself to perfection. I believe that the Tiller’s,”

On and on for several minutes Elias spouted out his dreams, and the more he spoke, the more the Miracle mirror grew, and the more the bright light of the orbs expanded until they could no longer be contained.

And at his final words, “I believe it is now!” The light of miracles burst forth and poured outward bathing Eliase and everything around him with a cleansing, miraculous light.

* * *

“Tell the story again.” Ivory plopped another sweet into her lips and hummed with delight as she chewed. Laila Tov gave Elias a bright smile, a smile almost as bright as the miracle light that had awaken her and turned the world back to rights. All the others smiled as well.

It all seemed like such a bad dream; B.U.N and the battle, but now it was all over. Now the seedlings that had once had their dreams stripped away from them were now living them peacefully, from the whimsical and fantastically, to the beautifully ordinary. It was truly a miracle.

And there was no greater news than that.



21 thoughts on “The Nursery Part III: Miracle Room #Blogbattle, Short Story

    1. oh! you must give me your thoughts on my character called Asaph Timby. I drew him a few hours ago. He is one of the leading men in my soon to be romance novels…By working on him I kinda didn’t do ANY revisions today, AND I am hungry to keep drawing. Alas one must follow their muse, right? Right!

  1. A happy ending for all! 😀 Well, except for blubby Harriet, lol. I like the way you pulled this all together despite the word limit, and gave it a good ending. Well done! Cheers for Elias!

  2. Oh, I do like a happy ending. 😉 And I like your use of the miracles room. I really think we all need one of those, with its own miracle mirror, of course. 🙂

    1. Yes! I feel like I have a miracle mirror. Not that I am all concerned about my weight but I have a body length mirror that makes everyone look more trim and fit and put together than they do in other mirrors. Tis a miracle! lol

  3. What a sweet ending. 🙂 I didn’t see that coming, but i lived the miracle mirror. I do think that something like that could easily be misused. So glad Elias was an upstanding fellow!

      1. Well the biggest hurdle that people trip over is not realizing or not recognizing the story they have to tell. In the end I like the fantastic vacations that being a creator with words affords me.

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