Second Verse in Reverse: Managing Revisions through “Reverse Outlines”

Since I have decided to “listen” and follow the creative direction of my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard, I thought it necessary to republish this post from a few months back, introducing “Reverse Outlining.” As I stated in the original, I am going to use this method with Ascension Graveyard and see what my results are. Since I am “revising” this week, and probably into next week, I wanted to give you all the heads up so that you will be ready to read about my results and experience with RO. Cheers!

I came for the soup...

One thing that I don’t like to do, almost as much as I don’t like writing a synopsis, is doing revisions on a large tome.

1358279498hxu51I love the art of creating the manuscript, letting my fingers make that beautiful music as they press against key after keyboard key. I love character invention! If you are anything like me you will be able to see little pieces of yourself in each character that you give birth to through your imagination.  Doesn’t matter how crazy the person may turn out to be, you still may find yourself thinking, “Oh look at him, he has my eyes.”

But revisions…revisions make me massage that space in between my eyes. Revisions make me turn to actually doing my household chores. Revisions make me want to weep like a child. Lets face it, revisions can be the pits. 13527586582mo5k

But they don’t have to be. (Yep, there…

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4 thoughts on “Second Verse in Reverse: Managing Revisions through “Reverse Outlines”

    1. Ha! yet another snort-laugh from the gut earned and added to your score board! Laughter aside, I think you are really on to something and that I need to adopt your perspective on revisions. Perception IS everything, and as long as I am all whiny and resistant to doing them then I will not enjoy the ride. So instead of lending me your time machine this go around, can I borrow a bit of your love for revisions? AG needs it right now 😉

      1. Well…I am purchasing my ticket for the Second Draft Bliss seminar. I will be in attendance…I will take notes…I will learn to smile about second drafts and the ‘fun’ of doing them. I will learn to become a perky second draft maven. (Face muscles squeak like door hinges in need of oil as she attempts that smile.)

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