The Nursery Part II: Short Story #Blogbattle keyword Loop

Tis blog battle Tuesday! Keyword for the week is “Loop.” For more blog battle entries, please click HERE and view the blog of Rachel Ritchey, the brains behind the blog battles. It read Part 1 of The Nursery, click HERE.

The Nursery: Part II

“Loop it again!” Turner’s voice sounded off in their ears. “For the love of God, loop the code again!”

It was only Elais, Ivory and Turner now. Everyone else had either gotten lost in the code or captured by a Tiller. Even sweet little Laila Tov had sacrificed herself to ensure Elias made it to the Nursery.

B.U.N had to be destroyed, no matter the cost. He just prayed that he and Turner could free them all before they were put to rest for good.  He could not lose Laila Tov, not now, not ever.

Elias huddled with his back against the wall, his arms and wrist flicking like Glendella’s had when she was the one manipulating the computer of Cerebral Helix. Now frighteningly ancient woman was howling through the halls of B.U.N chasing down Turner just like she had the other soldier she could get her knobby fingers on.

Thus far she had been unsuccessful with Turner. The binary code of the nightmares had already eaten away at the surreal structures around the Tillers, sending them into fits of rage and chaos. Those who had with held its effects had finally given in and were fighting against nightmares.

“I will use your bones as tooth picks once I am finished with you!” Elias heard Glendella holler at Turner’s back, and was nearly distracted by her threat. He had already encountered the woman who looked her full again of 287 and there was not a single tooth in her gummy mouth. Maybe she thought she would be able to regain control of the Helix and reimplement the Tiller’s  code along with her teeth.

“Not gonna happen,” Elias said to himself with a final flick of his wrist. The sound of Glendella’s feet pounding through the halls, was lost in the din that came from the sound of metal zombie-dog-lobster-spider-monsters that were now chasing after her…people had such strange nightmares. The bleeding mess outside was a sure sign of that.

Elias forced himself to focus on the next task at hand, keeping his eyes locked in tunnel vision, ignoring the creatures and beast that huddled around him and tried to taunt him. Even the bubbling and peeling walls of the Nursery, that were weeping babies that turned into giant bats, was a hard thing to keep out of focus. But he had to. Everyone down below needed him too, even Laila Tov.

He looked down at them, even his sweet Laila Tov, awake but not fully awake, standing as still as trees in a forest…well trees in a real forest, not those that had been created by the imaginations of the Nursery. They were all catatonic, blinking but not seeing, stuck between dream and reality even though they were more engrossed in reality than they had ever been before.

Poor Laila Tov and the other soldiers were more like statues than anything, not just catatonic but in Catatose, the forced phase before utter death. It was hardly used but when it was it was the beginning of the end.

Laila Tov and the other soldiers could not be grafted back into the Nursery, not like the others, and so unlike they others it would take something far more special to wake them. Nevertheless, Elias pushed forward with Phase 3.

Instantly the song “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight” by the Spaniels, a team of sages, began to sing over and around them. Ivory, slipped into the Nursery and smiled up at Elias, giving him a thumbs up. All of the people in the Nursery began to turn towards her, drawn towards the dimly flashing beacon on her head.

Like a pack of lemmings they followed her out of the Nursery and towards the exit of B.U.N, into a world they had created in their sleep, a world that was being turned inside out by the Good Night code.

But reality, even one that was dull and broken, was better than a dream that you were unable to touch…right? The thought was so heavy on Elias’ mind that he had not noticed the large, blob like body of Harriet roll its way out of the room. He hadn’t even realized she had awaken from her fainting.

The Nursery had completely emptied of its inhabitants. Laila Tov and the other soldiers still stood standing, staring blankly and blinking with heavy lids.

“We are almost out, only five more to go!” Ivory’s chipper voice pulled Elias out of his thoughts.

“The road ahead is clear. Team 37 is waiting for instructions for extraction.” Turner said with a pant. He was still winded for being chased by the Glendella monster.

Elais sighed. “Tell them to proceed.”

“You coming, Elias?” Turner asked.

“Not yet, I,” His voice became thick. “I can’t leave them. I won’t leave her.”

“But there is nothing you can do, not from this side of things. You would need a miracle to get the team out of Catatose.”

“Funny you should say that,” Ivory’s voice came through again. “On the way out I passed a room room that might have what we need!”

Elias felt his heart flutter. “What was it?”

“It said it was the miracles room.”

* * *




33 thoughts on “The Nursery Part II: Short Story #Blogbattle keyword Loop

    1. Thanks loads! If it makes you feel any better, I left myself hanging as I don’t know what is going to happen next. I generally don’t know until my fingertips hit the keyboard and the tale begins to tell itself.

  1. The blob that was Harriet–Lol XD. But I think my favorite line (or thing) has to be: zombie-dog-lobster-spider-monsters! I am still trying to picture that. 😀 Those would be the creepiest monsters ever! Yet so fascinating too.
    Yay for Elias, and getting his friends out of there! But…what’s going to happen next? *cliffhanger*

    1. So glad you liked it! I don’t know if you ever heard that if you eat spicy food, or food with lots of tomato before going to bed you will dream about weird things…well, its true. Have some pizza then get some z’s and something akin to the zombie-dog-lobster-spider-monsters will appear! lol

      1. Lol, that’s so funny! I should try that. Big slice of tomato, then plop into bed and wait for the crazy dreams! Could discover much new writing fodder for stories that way. 😀

      2. Guess what? It’s late, and I just ate an eggplant dish with lots of tomato on it! Crazy zombie-lobster-dog dreams tonight~! ;D

      3. I did have a weird dream about blogging, lol! I haven’t had many dreams lately, so maybe it’s because I don’t have enough tomato in my diet. 😀 I need to change that!

      4. Hahaa! Yes, and they tend to be crazy, unusual sacrifices too. People look at you like “huh?” They just don’t understand the life of a writer.

    1. Thanks! I am also curious about this room and what’s in it. I am curious about Harriet as well. The joy of free flow writing…you never know what you will come up with until you sit down and just let your imagination create.

      1. It is! It keeps life from being mundane, and usual. But it also makes me appreciate the simple and the usual in a way that I tend to overlook at times.

  2. i too am left imagining the miracles room, wonderfully named. and as for crazy dreams, eating bowl-fulls of guacamole is another sure fire way to crazy dreamtown, trust me!

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