Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Finale: My thoughts

This is definitely a far way off from my usual post, but I find that I need to vent and this is my platform so here it goes. SPOILERS AHEAD so if you haven’t watched the two hour season finale, you should bow out of this post now.

Here it goes, at the climax of the show,  Phil Coulson sacrifices his safety by diving in and catching one of the blue crystals that release the “inhuman Cree Mist” before it hits the ground and kills everyone in the room.

That’s very heroic. Applause to Phil Coulson.

My problem is in what happens next. NEXT  his hand begins to turn to ash and is cut off by the deliciously gorgeous Mack (it took two seasons for me to realize that man is a beauty…well it took them killing off Agent Triplette which had me weak for the end of last season and most of this one, in order for my gaze to turn to Mack) before he dies.

NOW HERE IS THE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THIS: Agent Coulson was part of the Tahiti Project where he was injected with Cree Alien DNA. Meaning his DNA has been compromised and is really no longer human. He is like a Cree baby wrapped in human flesh.

Since the Cree created the root of the blue crystals and Phil now has their DNA, it stands to reason that HE WOULD NOT BE ADVERSELY AFFECTED BY COMING IN CONTACT WITH ONE OF THE BLUE CRYSTALS!!!!!

He and Sky both have the Cree DNA. Sky survives the mist so should Coulson! GIVE HIS ARM BACK!

Okay…maybe I am being greedy…they did resurrect him after all. Still, he should not have been harmed by the crystal..I will be satisfied if they somehow bring back that chiseled piece of man candy, Agent Trip. I would smile for weeks and hold back any further complaints…for a while that is. I mean they did renew Agent Carter for a Second Season which had me nearly screaming like a girl… that being because I am a girl.

I am done now…dishes have to be washed…manuscripts need editing…laundry needs to be put away.



8 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Finale: My thoughts

      1. Sigh. I haven’t watched television for over three years. I’d rather read when I can, but sometimes on weekends, Saturdays or Sundays I just need to veg out and put on the tv.

      2. Oh you are my hero! Alas that show, the Night Shift and about 3 others keep me tuned in. I especially love House Hunters Internationally. Its like the best travel planner ever!

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