So Much To Say: A Poem

I had so much to say today

But I think I must stay silent

Zip my lips

Bind my fingertips

Alas, my imagination won’t abide it

I think I should write some words today

Or read to feed my soul

Let the muse of others come for tea

And make my resting whole

I think I ought to lay it down

Bid the day behind farewell

Take time to dream of something new

Swim with wonder for a spell

Oh but I had so much to say

I trust it will keep until the morrow

Blame it on tornado season and libraries

The cause of stillness and books to borrow

So much to say

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2 thoughts on “So Much To Say: A Poem

    1. Aren’t we all young at heart 😉 Consider it the voice of rambling and indecision. Truly, I had a lot to say, didn’t get much done because of on and off again thunderstorms, lightening, bouts of sunshine with the continuous track of the Tornado Warning siren blaring in the background. So I had to entertain myself with books…sigh…such a hard life.

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