Month: May 2015

Second Verse in Reverse: Managing Revisions through “Reverse Outlines”

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One thing that I don’t like to do, almost as much as I don’t like writing a synopsis, is doing revisions on a large tome. I love the art of creating the manuscript, letting my fingers make that beautiful music as they press against key after keyboard key. I love character invention! If you are anything like me you will be able to see little pieces of yourself in each character that you give birth to through your imagination.  Doesn’t matter how crazy the person may turn out to be, you still may find yourself thinking, “Oh look at him, he has my eyes.” But revisions…revisions make me massage that space in between my eyes. Revisions make me turn to actually doing my household chores. Revisions make me want to weep like a child. Lets face it, revisions can be the pits. But they don’t have to be. (Yep, there is a silver lining.) So I am not even finished writing Ascension Graveyard, not hardly, and I…

Monday’s Muse: May 25th, Originally March 30th Writing Prompt

Originally posted on I came for the soup…:
YOU CREATE THE OPENING LINE: For this week’s prompt, take the time to look at the image and write down the first line that comes to you. Afterward post your opening line in the Comments section below, and I will choose the best line to use in writing my 15 to 20 free flow. (I won’t say best, I will say the one that sparks my muse the most. 😉 ) I will choose the best line by Midnight on Wednesday April 1st. As always, once you have written your piece, add a link to this original post and remember to add the tag, Monday’s Muse, to your finished piece. Cheers!

1,000 Stories: A Quote

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas everyday. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” ~Orson Scott Card The stories, the imagery we see daily, be it on the outside or in the inside of our imaginations, are like seeds. Like dandelion fluff, the fertile seeds are plentiful, we just need to have the will to let them take root and flourish. We have to be willing to see what it is that is right in front of us, or tucked within us. Happy watching, waiting, and writing. Cheers!

The Wisdom of Taking Your Own Advice: More on Ascension Graveyard

Just a few short hours ago, I took the time to shed some light on my recent struggle (because there have been many) with my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard. In that post, which I totally recommend you read (click HERE to so) because it has brought me to this decision, I give five words of advice to novel writers about their first drafts. Points 2 and 3 are the ones that really got to me. What they did was call me to the carpet. Ascension Graveyard has taken its sweet time in revealing its muscle and the characters behind it. A couple of the heavy hitters didn’t reveal themselves to me until I was at least a good 65k into the writing process, with at least 30 or so chapters posted on the blog. In the process of these characters coming to light, came that nudge to my creative core that I needed to introduce them earlier on in the story. I did take note to do so, BUT I have just kept plucking away …

Never Judge A First Draft By Its Word Count: The Fun of Novel Writing

The title is pretty self explanatory, right? More so than anything, for me, it is necessary reminder. As it stands, I am a mere couple of weeks away from the one year anniversary for when I first started writing Ascension Graveyard…and the first draft STILL isn’t finished. Now, I am not complaining, because honestly, I have done a crap load of that already, but I have been a little bit nervous. Why the nerves you ask? Well because I still have a good 30 to 40k worth of words that still need to be said here, and the manuscript, as of 20 minutes ago is at a whopping 130k words! YIKES!!!! Imagining that by the time I type those two delicious words, THE END, that I will be hovering at a word count somewhere around 170k makes me jittery. I will have to take a knife to my story and cut things away that I have grown to love. Big chunks of body, flying everywhere! Can you imagine it?! I don’t want to lay claim …