Ofield Gramblin Eats His Words: A Free Flow Write

He still hadn’t gotten the hang of it. Not by a long shot. Water splashed into his nostrils and tickled his throat as he tried to breathe. “Curse it all!” He squawked as his dinner hoped out of reach. In all honesty Ofield din’t even know if Peacocks ate frogs. But he did know that the fearsome Duke and hunter was now completely divorced of his hunting skills, among other things, and would likely die of hunger before it was all said and done.1414338271h32us

This was not what he meant when he said he wished he could start all over again where nobody knew of him, when he wished he had wings upon which to fly far far away.

And Ofield Gramblin did  get what he asked for, everything he wished…that is except for the flying part. No he more tumbled and twisted and flopped in a very unattractive manner until he landed gracelessly here.

Where was here? Tranquil Springs Mobile Home and Retirement Resort. Now, Ofield may have been cursed to be a bird, but he still had the mind of a man, and any man could look at Tranquil Springs and know that it was anything but tranquil and far from a resort.

In all truth it was quite depressing, something a peasant might be willing to endure but not a  Duke.

He took in a deep breath and flopped down upon the grass. Golden feathers broke free from his flesh and landed around him with  a sound akin to wind chimes. It was a very faint sound that no one else seemed to hear but Ofield. It must have been part of his curse to hear his wealth falling away from him. He had wished that all of his wealth would come along with him and boy had it.

He was actually glad for some of it to fall away. It was very heavy for a peacock to have to carry around, even if it was in feather form.

What were his exact words about his riches? Ah, yes. That he would carry his riches in his bosom. Ofield was eating his words just like he had unintentionally eaten the golden ball-like orb that he had launched against the wall in his tower cell. With much more velocity than that which he had set it flying, did the orb come towards him, lodging itself in his throat. It would have certainly killed him had it not been charmed.

Instead, everything went black, but only for a few short moments before he felt his body contort and shift, and the curse he had brought upon himself take shape. And then he was there, in Tranquil Springs, tangled in line of fishing wire, and helpless to aid himself. “He was prey for the gators,” the young beauty had told him.

He found himself smiling at the thought of the maiden called Darlyn with a ‘y’ not an ‘i’ and holding the ‘g,’ the girl just shy of 20 who had saved his life. Ofield didn’t quite understand what she meant, but that didn’t matter, not then. All that mattered was that he was free and safe and Darlyn would soon come to visit him again that evening.

He was terribly lonely.

Thinking about it made him wonder about his new friend all the more. Darlyn had said there were no such thing as ogres or goblins or Pegasuses or any other magical creature, be they good, bad or in between-besides gators-in Tranquil Springs. Yet she seemed less than ill at ease to chat with him and he was indeed magical…charmed if nothing else. A man turned bird, and not just any bird, a peacock made of gold.

Okay, so maybe Darlyn, who was most likely a peasant since she lived in Tranquil Springs- had fainted a little and nearly broken her oversized seeing lenses, but she had still talked with him and promised to return. Had he been home, he would have told her to keep her distance because what need did he have of a peasant? But he was not home and he was lonely and he did hunger for company more than he hungered for the frog who left his belly growling, even if his company were a peasant.

In the end, Ofield decided that he could not be too choosy about his friends, not like he was back home. He was just going to have to make due with what or who came his way. At least Darlyn is a beauty. He thought.

A smile, if it were even possible, began to bloom on his bird face as long brown legs crested the corner hedges and headed in his direction. He had memorized those legs and was very happy to see them again.

Sweet Darlyn had kept her word. She had come to visit and was bearing gifts!


I don’t want to give too much away, BUT if you read my free flow write called “So Stinking Charming,” then let me tell you that this is the sequel to that story and that Ofield Gramblin is a big player in that future novel as he is one of the main characters in this one. I am still not settled on the title, but I can say that this will be book three of a series with SSC being book 2…I haven’t really wrapped my head around what book 1 is about exactly but I KNOW that the vague story is the start of this series. When you know you just know right? I hope you enjoyed this free flow write, and as always, feel free to leave feedback and comments. I love having chat!


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7 thoughts on “Ofield Gramblin Eats His Words: A Free Flow Write

    1. Yes! 😀 It is free-flow! All of the the stories that are on this blog, save for my blog novel (and even that could be included) are free flow. I never know where I am going or what I am going to write about until I sit down and just start hitting the keys. The Blogbattles are the only ones where I don’t give myself a time limit for writing since there is already a cap on the word count. Thank you for reading the start of Ofield’s tale. I plan to make this a novel. Actually free flow gives me either ideas of new novels or it gives me content for novels I have already imagined just haven’t had the chance to write.

      1. Yes indeed, seat of one’s pants. 😀 There is another word for this kind of writing style, one that is more fancy but at the moment it escapes me.

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