Ambitious Boots: Part 2 Of An Ugly Shoe Journey

Today is Thursday, folks. One day til Friday, and several days away from the day that I published the post called Ambitious Boots. (Click the title if you haven’t read it.)

BootsFor those of you who have been reading along, you know that I set myself to achieve massive goals this week; to finish painting a painting as large as I am, and to finish the first draft of my blog novel, Ascension Graveyard, before weeks end.

I am fiddling with cover ideas...this is my recent attempt.
I am fiddling with cover ideas…this is my recent attempt.

WELLLLLLL let me tell you!

First, the painting: It looks fantastic! It’s not quite finished…but then its only Thursday. I am very confident in the level of work that I have completed thus far even though I have to say I think it will take a few more days before it is no longer a bleep on my things-to-complete radar.

So verdict: Its not finished, may not be tomorrow, but I am satisfied.

Secondly, the Blog Novel, Ascension Graveyard: I have great news to report! I have written THOUSANDS OF WORDS! Grand words, great tension, beautiful fleshing out of characters. Hooray! Hooray to me! And Hooray to you for believing with me! And Hooray to Yeshua Jesus, from Whom all blessings flow!

I am BEYOND happy…the thing is (Yes there is a “thing”) none of those lovely, awesome, delicious words were written for Ascension Graveyard.

1425457267g4njkI know what you are probably thinking (actually I don’t, but let’s pretend I do.) “What in the world is that woman doing? I thought you had your “Ambitious Boots” on.

Well, I do. I am still walking, just not in the planned direction.

The thing about these boots is that they can sometimes have  a mind of their own. Its like Doctor Who’s Tardis, the Doctor sets a location with the intent of going to a specific place, and somehow he ends up WAAAAAYYY on the other side of the universe and time, in a destination either unknown, or slightly off form his intended target.

Does the Doctor mourn the change in plans? NO! Never!

Actually, he always makes the best of the situation and enjoys the new and unexpected moment that his “straying by chance” has created.

So, that is where I am. That Romance Novel that I mentioned in the other post just shot right out ahead of the race, and took the lead and priority over and above Ascension Graveyard…Sorry, Etta.

I couldn’t let those words and scenes slip away in my attempt to keep to the set path. I have never been a romance reader or writer, really, and this has been a challenge for me to try this genre, so off I go. (It is a Clean read PG, PG-13 at its most novel in the making.)

Anyhow I totally put on those boots, but they walked me in a completely different direction, one that I am super excited about. Lots of work has been done to that end and that brings me much pleasure.

Ain’t it grand?

I currently have no idea when Ascension Graveyard will reach its conclusion, and then slid its way into revisions, BUT I am confident that it will be soon. I can’t begrudge Etta and her story for needing a bit more time. All children are different. Some need more attention than others. That is just the way it is.

I leave you with a scripture, one that I know and love and tend to somehow forget more often than I should:

Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Basically, make plans, have a destination, but know that God has plotted a course and His way will ultimately win out. And honestly, I am okay with that.

Cheers! and Happy Creating!

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11 thoughts on “Ambitious Boots: Part 2 Of An Ugly Shoe Journey

  1. Very true! We make plans, but must keep in mind the Lord might change them.
    I’m glad you got a nice portion of your romance novel written; it’s always satisfying when you have a lot of your story written down! It might be nice having 2 books to write at the same time; when you get bored or frustrated with one, you can work on the other. I find that helps me. 🙂
    What is the painting you’re working on of?

    1. Amen and Amen. I often think of the song by Carrie Underwood, “Jesus take the Wheel,” and even though I am guilty of trying to drive, I realize that life would be easier if I would stop trying to take the wheel from His hands in the first place. lol. And yes it is really good to have more than one story going on at once. I prayed recently for an out pouring of creative power and for my stories to flow unhindered. And as the Word says He will do exceedingly and above and beyond what we ask, He has certainly done so! The painting is a 3×5 foot oil on canvas of Bobbie Gentry. It is a commissioned piece. This is the largest painting that I have done as a commission but it has been interesting learning how to work with such a size. It has really bettered my prayer life that is for sure 😀

      1. Thanks! I use watercolors, and prismacolor pencils now. I’ve used oils in the past too. I’d like to illustrate my books, so that’s where my art has been focusing lately. 🙂

      2. That is fantastic! I have actually been positioning myself to use some techniques for illustration using oil paper. I have also fallen in love with the Prismacolor. Have you ever tried Derwent Inktense? They are AMAZING!

      3. Derwent inktense, yes! Their colors are so beautiful. Those are my favorite of watercolor pencils.
        Oil paper sounds interesting, I’ve never used it before.

      4. Well it is like watercolor paper but it is for oils. (I reckon you knew that already from the name) It does not absorb the oil paint so it slides on the surface as it would a canvas. I hope to do some illustrations with it soon, and will post my results.

      5. And they ARE expensive. You have to catch the sales, that, or work at Blick and get that 30% of discount for non-Blick products and 40% for Blick products. I have done it twice 🙂

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